Bankinter Forecasts Rise in Property Prices Over the Next Year
Resale Property Prices Drop 0.1% in July
Number of Mortgages Granted Rises 34% Annually
July Closes with Very High Temperatures in the Alicante Province
Multimillionaire Russian Anchors on the Javea-Denia Coast
Properties Now Sell 50% Faster on the Costa del Sol Than in 2015
Spanish Startup Creates Blue Wine
Longest Water Slide in Europe in Madrid This Sunday Only
UK Garage Music DJ and Producer Wookie on the Costa Blanca This Saturday
Madrid Campaigns in London to Bring the City to Spain’s Capital
Gas Bottle Price Drops to Minimum Level
32 Provinces on Orange Alert for High Temperatures Today
British Consulate Organises Informal Talk on Brexit Tomorrow in Alicante
Julian Marley & Uprising Perform at Mar de Músicas Festival Inauguration in Cartagena Tonight


Selling a property in Spain
29 March 2016
We are all in agreement that the property sector has recovered from the economic crisis, which suffered its worst years in 2012 and 2013. House prices are slowly rising, albeit they are rising a lot...
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Renting in a Spanish city
23 March 2016
If you are thinking of moving to the city, or even changing from one city to another, maybe you should give a thought to how much you should expect to pay when it comes to renting a property....
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Property purchases January 2016
08 March 2016
The fact that the number of property purchases took a small dip in the first month of the year when compared to the same month 12 months previously is most likely nothing to worry about. According to...
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New fixed rate mortgage from BBVA
07 March 2016
Fixed-rate mortgages are not the most popular type of mortgage taken out by those wanting to purchase a home. However, since interest rates have been so low over the last couple of years, the number...
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Last quarter of 2015 was excellent for construction
02 March 2016

Construction Closed 2015 with Best Quarter in Three Years

The construction sector in Spain contributed a total of 80,055 million euro to Spain’s GDP during the last quarter of 2015, which, according to the National Statistics Institute, is the highest...
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Mortgages on the rise last year
01 March 2016

Mortgage Concessions Increase Every Month of the Year in 2015

December 2015 was the icing on the cake in a year when according to the National Institute of Statistics, the number of mortgages granted rose every month from the year before. During the last month...
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People want larger homes
26 February 2016

The Demand Now Is for Bigger Houses

During the property boom, which for most seems like a very long time ago, the demand for various types of property was very different to how it is now. Due to the way in which property prices had...
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Cataluña applies tax on empty property
22 February 2016
It’s only just over a week to go now before the autonomous region of Cataluña implements a new initiative whereby owners of empty properties will have to start paying a tax to the regional government...
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House prices to rise the most in the EU
19 February 2016
In a recent report published by the European Commission, Spain and Ireland, two of the countries to be worst-hit by the property crisis, will see house prices rise quite substantially over the next...
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House prices 2015
16 February 2016
According to a recent report by the Property Statistics Registry, house prices in Spain went up 6.6% annually last year and the number of property operations increased 11.2%, reaching a healthy 354,...
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Double the new constructions in 2016
11 February 2016

Number of New Buildings to Be Constructed Doubles in 2016 from the Last Two Years

So, the property situation in Spain is looking brighter as each year goes by and the crisis is left behind. We’re nowhere near the figures that we were used to seeing when the real-estate boom was in...
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Investors buy cheap property in Barcelona area
09 February 2016
With the current financial situation in Spain as it is now, with interest rates close to 0% and stock market shares falling, this precise moment has never been so enticing to new investors on the...
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