About On The Pulse

On The Pulse is a relatively new website which aims to offer its visitors the latest information and news from around Spain.

This digital newspaper is updated on a daily basis with articles and reports that offer the most important news items for anyone interested in the current affairs and hot topics of the moment.

The initial premise was to provide vital information to English-speaking foreigners, possibly living abroad, who had a personal interest in events in Spain, predominantly because they own a property in this country.

The main topics covered include property, economy, business and finance, new laws and ‘other news’, a category that could include anything from gastronomy, tourism, travel or culture.

The news items are all taken from the Spanish press, which is consulted on a daily basis. Therefore, for readers with a personal interest in life in Spain, but who are unable to access the Spanish media due to the language barrier, On The Pulse is ideal to keep visitors informed of what’s important and what could affect them personally as a homeowner or resident (or non-resident) in this country.

We recently added a new category – Off The Pulse – which gives more of a personal view and opinion about more controversial topics.

The majority of the articles are accessible to all visitors, however, by subscribing to On The Pulse, visitors will be given a user name and password, which will then give access to specialised property reports and some of our more detailed articles.

Thank you for visiting On The Pulse; we hope you continue to do so on a daily or weekly basis.

leftOn The Pulse is a leading website dedicated to researching and reporting up-to-date information about Spanish property, legislation and the economy