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19 October 2016
It’s not only the UK that is predicted to be hit economically by the Brexit decision. The move to leave the EU is likely to have an impact upon all those countries who currently trade with them. This...
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Amazon launches Handmade
26 September 2016
Amazon has just launched a new shop that sells approximately 30,000 products that have been handcrafted by a number of artists from across Europe. As the popularity of rival site Etsy, which sells...
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Sambil Outlet to open next year in Leganés
21 September 2016
The largest shopping and leisure centre in Spain, which is still in the process of being built, is set to open early next year. Sambil Outlet is located in Leganés, a satellite city situated just...
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Iberia auctions flights at 50s prices
21 September 2016
If you have ever wanted to travel to South America but have not done so because of the hefty price tag attached to a flight ticket, this special offer from Iberia might make you change your mind and...
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ING bank to offer cashback service
19 September 2016

ING Bank to Introduce Cashback Service in Spain

The commission some banks are charging at certain cash points is so large that we often resort to traveling some distance just to find a cash point belonging to our own in order to save on the...
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Ikea home delivery service
17 September 2016

IKEA (finally!) Launches Online Purchase Service in Spain

At long last, Ikea, the giant Swedish furniture and home decor store, is opening an online shop in Spain. This will be introduced by way of two pioneering programmes in two of its vast stores, one in...
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Secret Escapes is a discount luxury hotel club
12 September 2016

Popularity of Discount Clubs for Luxury Hotel Stays Rises

The Internet is a great tool for many different things. It has helped users access services that before its introduction may have seemed unheard of. These days you can purchase almost anything online...
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Iberia launch cheap flights offer
06 September 2016

Iberia Launches Offer of 1 Million Seats from 29 Euro

The latest airline to launch a special offer with reduced prices on various flights is Spanish airline Iberia. It is giving away more than a million seats with prices starting from 29 euro for...
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Mobile phone payment in all Inditex stores
01 September 2016

Inditex Customers to Use Mobile Phone to Pay for Purchases in All Stores from Today

Spanish clothing and fashion giant, Inditex, has developed a new payment system whereby customers will be able to use their mobile phone to pay for their purchases in all eight of the company’s...
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Unbound clothing
31 August 2016

The Perfect Clothing for People that Love to Travel

If you love to travel, this article could be very interesting for you. If you’d love to travel light, but don’t know how, I’m certain you may end up purchasing one or more of the products on offer....
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Spanish economy grows
29 August 2016

GDP Grows 0.8% in Second Quarter Despite Misgovernment

The economy in Spain grew 0.8% between April and June this year. This is 0.1% more than the figure forecast by both the National Statistics Institute (INE) and the Bank of Spain. It’s also a fairly...
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Ryanair autumn offer on flights
26 August 2016

Ryanair Offers 100,000 Cheap Flights to Travel in October and November

We love it when one airline or another launches a special offer on flights, enabling passengers to travel around Europe or further afield for cheaper than they usually would. Once again it is the...
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