New Laws in Spain

Parents fined for child school absence
14 September 2016
It has been the law for quite some time in the UK, and it has hit the headlines on many an occasion, that parents will be fined for their child’s unauthorised absences from school or if they take...
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Bathers fined Arenal beach Javea red flag
05 August 2016
It’s been in the local news a lot lately, especially as too many beachgoers are still ignoring this regulation and disregarding all common sense when it comes to safety in the water. It is prohibited...
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Brexit implications for donation and inheritance
21 July 2016
As speculation continues into the implications of severing ties with Europe, there are some emerging realities that we should already be contemplating. The impact on donation and inheritance tax in...
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Driving offences in the summer
27 June 2016
Summer’s here, a greater number of drivers are on the roads and hopefully everyone has more time to get out and about and have fun. It is also during the hottest months of July and August that the...
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No inflatable dolls allowed in Mojácar
02 June 2016

Public Banned from Walking About with Blow-Up Dolls or Inflatable Penises in Mojácar

It’s not like we walk around the streets wearing inflatable penises or carrying blow-up dolls on a daily basis, but it does happen. Take, for example, a stag or hen do, and the image doesn’t seem so...
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Fined for setting up parasol and beach equipment
30 May 2016

Fined for Reserving a Spot on the Beach with His Parasol

Reserving a spot on the beach when you know it’s going to be crowded later on is not a crime. Or is it? Those that have the tendency to get out there early and bag their place on the golden sand for...
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It always pays to tell the truth
20 May 2016

It Doesn’t Pay to Lie When Calling the Emergency Services

This article comes as a warning to all those who might consider telling a white lie in the case of an emergency, just so that they could get seen to quicker by the emergency services. The advice is...
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New radars detect mobile phone and seat belt use
09 May 2016

New Radars That Detect Seat Belt and Mobile Phone Use Have Arrived in Spain

There aren’t many things that you can do these days outside in the street without being seen on camera! And with technology advancing as rapidly as it is, new methods of controlling what’s happening...
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Roaming charges reduced from 30 April 2016
28 April 2016

Roaming Tariffs Reduced from 30 April Within the EU

Last year it was announced by the EU that roaming costs will be banned in the future when travelling around EU member states. For those that travel frequently or even just go on holiday once a year,...
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Clean up after your dog to avoid harsh sanctions
28 April 2016

Town Halls Get Technical to Discover Which Owners Have Not Picked up Their Dog’s Poo

It is more difficult these days to get away with allowing your dog to poo in the street and not pick up after it. It’s just not accepted any more. Whereas before nobody picked up after their pets,...
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Undercover guardia civil officers fine drivers
20 April 2016

Guardia Civil Officers Camouflage as Cyclists so They Can Fine Drivers

Yes, you have read the title correctly! The law hasn’t been passed yet, but the proposal is being studied seriously by the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT). Drivers of motor vehicles who overtake...
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Tourist tax in the Balearic Islands
25 March 2016
Following in the footsteps of the autonomous region of Cataluña, the Balearic Islands will now be the second region to implement the infamous ‘tourist tax’. This levy is a sum of money charged to all...
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