Caroline Ketley

Caroline has lived in Spain for ten years. Originally living in Birmingham she and her husband moved to Murcia when her family was young. She now teaches English and writes for On The Pulse. She likes to travel around Europe in her free time when work and family commitments allow.

Jeni Evans

Jeni lives with her husband Danny and their two children in Cartagena. Her parents moved to Spain when she was two years old and so she is a fluent Spanish and English speaker. She works as an editor and writer of publications including On The Pulse. She is currently writing a book about her experiences of working as an estate agent during the boom years in Spain. 

John Blackwood

John joined On The Pulse as a freelance writer but now is part of the research team. He began his research and writing career in the UK working for publishers of educational materials and came to Spain in 2000 to help out in his brother’s restaurant. He’s now enjoying the slightly less hectic world of writing for On The Pulse.  

Julie Day

Employed by various English-speaking newspapers and publications on the Costa Blanca, Julie was able to refine her writing style, whilst enjoying the perks of working as a local reporter - visiting new places, meeting new people, eating in classy restaurants and attending many festivals and concerts, to name but a few. More recently, Julie has become the chosen proofreader and editor for a small UK publishing company and enjoys helping new writers improve their work.

Phil Murray

Phil is our youngest member of the team and is a keen diver. His writing career began on nautical magazines and websites but he now enjoys researching and writing articles for On The Pulse. Phil is in his final year of a part-time MBA and hopes to bring new knowledge from this to the website.  

Rayan Treehugger

Rayan has always had an interest in politics and economics.  In the UK she taught politics on higher education courses until deciding that she wanted to move to Spain. Following a range of teaching jobs and working on a local free paper she is now enjoying the opportunity to research and write about the politics and economics of Spain.

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