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Foreigners want to buy property in Spain
12 September 2016
According to a study carried out by franchise estate agent’s Iberia Real Estate, two out of every ten foreigners plan on purchasing a second home in Spain. The most popular destinations for these...
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Price of new-build property
09 September 2016
House prices have been steadily rising for quite some time now. But this has mainly been down to the popularity of second-hand properties, while the interest in new builds continued to fall. However...
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Michael Douglas Mallorca residence
05 September 2016
A huge proportion of all luxury property transactions have been concentrated in the Balearic Islands for many years. Here, house prices have been reduced the least since the crisis compared to other...
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Buyers offer less money for property
01 September 2016
Despite the fact that the property market is in a much more positive state at the moment, and the number of sales are going up, as are property prices in many areas, the reality of it is that...
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Property purchases in Alicante
31 August 2016

Alicante Is Third Best Province for Property Purchases in Spain

You can tell that the property sector is in recovery as there are so many more estate agents around than there were a few years ago. And it seems that many are selling quite a lot of properties too...
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Colom Islet for sale
29 August 2016

Island Off Menorca up for Sale

There are many people out there who prefer to shun city life and live somewhere remote, away from people, contamination and all the other negative aspects associated with modern-day living. So,...
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Luxury property in Spain
25 August 2016

Demand for Luxury Property Increases 80% in Three Years

According to leading property portal in Spain,, the number of clients making appointments to visit luxury properties (those valued at more than 1 million euro) has increased by a huge...
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Ciñera de Gordón
24 August 2016

León Mining Town for Sale

If you’ve got a spare 122 million euro that you don’t know what to do with and are looking for somewhere new to set up home, you might be interested in Ciñera de Gordón – the whole village, that is....
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Chinese investors seek Spanish property
17 August 2016

Spain Is the Seventh Destination Most Favoured by the Chinese to Buy Property

According to the largest property portal in China, Juwai, Spain is one of the most popular destinations in the world for the middle-class Chinese to buy property and invest their money. When...
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Property purchases in June 2016
16 August 2016

Property Purchases Rise in June but Prices Drop

The month of June was a great month for property purchases this year. According to the General School of Notaries, June closed with a total of 42,330 properties sold, an increase of 7.1% from twelve...
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Property market in Spain
02 August 2016

Bankinter Forecasts Rise in Property Prices Over the Next Year

As we all are well aware, the property market in Spain is in a phase of recovery. Investing in real estate in this country has even become attractive for investors once more. Many experts in various...
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Resale property prices fall in July 2016
01 August 2016

Resale Property Prices Drop 0.1% in July

Recent news has reported that property sales and house prices continue to rise, so it comes as a bit of a surprise to read the latest report from that says the average prices of a...
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