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Autumn walks in Spain's forests
30 September 2016
Along with spring, autumn is the best season by far for walking and exercising outside. And where better to do that than in a beautiful setting out in nature? While the beach is great for the summer...
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Nuria España is best sommelier in Spain
29 September 2016
Now I don’t want to be sexist or anything, and being a female myself, I was surprised and delighted to read the news that the title of ‘Best Sommelier of Spain’, a category featured in the 3rd...
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Soraya Saenz de Santamaría
27 September 2016
The Council of Ministers agreed to extend the state of drought declared in the Júcar and Segura river basins a further year, which will allow "exceptional measures" to be adopted to alleviate the...
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Torrevieja foreign residents
27 September 2016
The city in which I live often hits the headlines – but it’s not usually good news. Now, the coastal city of Torrevieja in the province of Alicante has made the news again, but in a much more...
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Café del Mar to open in Barcelona
23 September 2016
Anyone who knows anything about music will have heard of the name ‘Café del Mar’. It is synonymous with Ibiza, the sun setting and chill out music by the sea. For those that have visited the White...
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Quality of life in Spain
22 September 2016
As a British citizen who has spent more than half of my life living in Spain, I have very few complaints about all these years residing in this country. While it has been tough on many occasions in...
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Javea fires
19 September 2016

Consul thanks Jávea for helping Brits during blaze

In a specially arranged visit to Jávea following the recent forest fires, British Consul Sarah-Jane Morris thanked authorities and local services for their handling of the situation and urged British...
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Many illegal immigrants arrive in Spain by boat
19 September 2016

The Number of Illegal Immigrants Arriving on the Spanish Coast Rises

The trend for arrivals of illegal immigrants in Spain by sea posted in 2015 was similar to that for 2014, with a slight upturn in the Canary Islands. 5,312 illegal immigrants arrived on Spanish...
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La Manga Golf Resort
19 September 2016

La Manga Club Named as One of the Best Golf Hotels in the World

The travel magazine ‘Ultratravel’, which forms part of British journal ‘The Telegraph’ and specialises in luxury holidays and trips, has included Murcia’s La Manga Club once more in its list of the...
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Consuming drugs in Spain
16 September 2016

Which Are the Most Popular Types of Drugs Taken in Each Autonomous Region?

We all take drugs. Although many of you might seem horrified at this statement, it’s true. In one form or another, we put chemicals and harmful substances into our body, either for pleasure,...
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Best paella in the world 2016
15 September 2016

‘Best Paella in the World’ Competition Winner Is Just 17

Most of us have tried and are fans of the humble paella, possibly Spain’s most famous dish. Over the years, I’ve sampled the most amazing paella dishes, but I’ve also eaten some that I wish I hadn’t...
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Weather in Spain
13 September 2016

Temperatures Set to Drop 10 Degrees from Today

The weather in Spain has been very varied this year. Now, after a few days in September during which record temperatures and extreme heat have been recorded, the State Weather Agency (Aemet) has...
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