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02 December 2014

House Prices Drop 5.1% Annually in November

According to leading property portal Idealista, re-sale house prices in Spain dropped by 5.1% in November when compared to re-sale house prices from 2014 when they were valued at 1,683 euro/sq m. It...
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26 November 2014

House Prices to End 2014 with an Annual Increase

House prices have been in freefall for quite a while now. Nevertheless, they are falling at a slower rate than before. Recent reports have also revealed that property prices are going up in certain...
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Marbella construction starts again
17 November 2014

Marbella Leads Construction Recovery

As one of the first areas to enter into crisis in the real-estate sector, Marbella is now one of the first to pull itself out, and has shown positive signs of a strong recovery. The excess of unsold...
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ECB says house prices could drastically drop in adverse conditions
29 October 2014

ECB Claims Property Prices in Spain Could Drop 8% by 2016

There have been so many reports over recent months in the Spanish press about how house prices are expected to rise and that they are now in the process of bottoming out and stabilising, so it was a...
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28 October 2014

Can the Smell of Your House Help You Sell It?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone purchased your property because they fell in love with the smell of the homemade biscuits that you just happened to be baking in the oven? Unfortunately, it’s not...
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Property investors prefer Spain
22 October 2014

Spain More Popular with Foreign Property Investors than the UK and Germany

According to a survey carried out by Knight Frank, a leading British residential and commercial property consultancy with offices all over the world, foreign real-estate investors prefer to invest in...
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Price drop spain
21 October 2014

House Prices Drop 4.2% in September

According to a recent report published by leading property evaluators Tinsa, house prices in September 2014 were 4.2% cheaper than in the same month the previous year. This means that house prices...
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Property sector forecast 2015
17 October 2014

Experts Positive about the Property Market for 2015

It is easy to get confused about what’s happening in the property market when we are bombarded with so many different reports with conflicting statistics. And, most make a point of highlighting the...
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Queue to buy property from Solvia in Barcelona
14 October 2014

Queues through the Night to Buy Property in Barcelona

Well, something is happening to the property market, as this is the second article in a matter of weeks that reports queues of people waiting to snap up a property in Barcelona hours before they go...
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Who is buying property in Spain?
13 October 2014

Who’s Buying Property Now?

The residential market in the property sector is showing signs of recuperation. Demand has increased in major cities and estate agents have registered a rise in sales of up to 60% from 2013. In...
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Kutxabank offer mortgages to the under 35s
13 October 2014

Kutxabank Launches Mortgage Offer Especially for the Under 35s

It wasn’t that long ago that you couldn’t get a mortgage for love nor money. Times have changed and now the banks are throwing everything apart from the kitchen sink at the market and the promise of...
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House values rise in third quarter 2014
09 October 2014

House Prices Rise 4.1% Annually in the Third Quarter

The Property Valuation Society has confirmed that house prices for both new builds and re-sales increased by 4.1% annually between July and September this year. This is the first time that house...
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