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Posted by Jeni Evans on January 22, 2014
Mariano Rajoy says he has plans in place to help Spain recover economically

President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, is all set for his visit to Brussels in April. With him, he will take a list of pledges that he has promised to carry out in a bid to bolster the country’s recuperation and promote a faster recovery.

His set of strategies will form part of the framework of the National Reforms Plan.


Fiscal system

Rajoy has promised to look closer at the fiscal system. As well as setting up an independent tax authority, he also wants to create a central centre of information whereby all the sensitive information about tax, budgets, finance and the economy is kept in one place and cannot be accessed and then dispersed by anyone and everyone, giving out wrong information at an incorrect time.

Tax reform

The tax system is set to be simplified in order to guarantee adequate income and to promote economic development and a united market. With the new system, taxation on families and the disabled will also improve and measures will be introduced that will enable people to save their money.

Regions’ self-funding

The group of assessors who created the latest Fiscal and Financial Political advice are to have their first meeting this month. There is set to be a reform of how the regions are financed.

Public Administrations reform

This is currently being discussed by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Funding for businesses

The plan contemplates new measures that could be put in place to aid businesses to obtain new funding or financing. This could be done by way of a new legal frame for bank lending or alternative forms of finance.


The President has announced that there will be new measures put in place to promote the creation of new jobs, although he has not specified whether he will do anything about the EU’s recommendation to reduce the division in the labour market for temporary and permanent workers.


Rajoy has promised to devise a strategic plan that will put Spain in a better position to compete for jobs and contracts on a global basis. He has also pledged to reform the energy and transport sectors in order to improve their potential in the global market.



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