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Posted by Julie Day on September 30, 2015

The Bank of Spain has already declared itself again the measure, and the Ministry of Economy has stated that if the banks involved and the regulating body do not take the necessary steps to reverse the situation, it will take action against what it regards as an abuse towards customers.

What are we talking about here? The fact that some banks have decided to charge non-customers a fee of 2 euro to withdraw cash from their cashpoints, while they will already be charged a commission by their own bank for the same action.

At the moment, Caixabank is the only entity carrying out these extra charges, although BBVA and Santander have announced their plans to do so in the immediate future.

It’s very annoying when you suddenly need to take out extra money from a cashpoint and arrive at the nearest one only to find out that there’s an extortionate charge attached to the procedure. Sometimes you swallow it, and other times you trek even further in search of another machine that doesn’t charge so much.

That’s why four guys from Barcelona decided to do something about this, or at least make life a lot easier in this type of situation. They got to work over the summer and have now launched the result of all their hard work: Sincomis – a mobile phone app that helps you to locate a cashpoint that doesn’t charge these two extra euro that some banks are now starting to ask for.

The app is free and words on Android and iOS phones. All you have to do is download the app, select the network of your own bank and that’s it. A map of the nearest cashpoints will appear on your screen and then it’s up to you to decide which one to use.

Every cashpoint throughout the whole of Spain is registered on the app and you can also select the banks that you don’t want to show up on the map of where you are, so you know which to avoid. This way, only the banks that don’t charge the 2-euro fee will show up when you use it.

Not only will the app reveal to users the banks that do not charge this 2-euro commission, it also contains a tool that adds up all the 2 euros that you save by locating a cashpoint that doesn’t ask you to pay the commission and comes up with suggestions as to what you could purchase with the money saved. This could range from buying a pair of sunglasses or a Big Mac Meal at a nearby McDonalds to becoming the proud owner of the airport in Castellón!

The group of four friends say that they plan to introduce new functions in the future in order to ensure that users continue to use the app. Many of these will focus on money management. For example, for the amount of money withdrawn in one go, the user makes a note of what he spends it on, enabling him to control how much comes in and goes out more effectively.

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