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Posted by Julie Day on July 29, 2015

Some people enjoying flying as it allows them a short, or long, time to themselves to catch up on reading the papers, their favourite book or just listening to music or watching an in-flight film. Others find flying hideously boring and usually can’t wait to get off the aeroplane and land in their destination.

However, help is at hand to remove the boredom that sets in when restricted to your seat on an aeroplane for any given time in the form of Immfly.

Immfly is a mobile phone application that allows users to consult all type of Internet content through their smartphone without actually having to connect to their Internet while flying.

However, Immfly is currently only accessible on flights with the Iberia Express airline.

The Spanish low-cost airline added the Immfly app to four of their aircrafts that carry out short-haul journeys several months ago. Now, due to its success amongst its passengers, it has been become available in another four.

More than 30,000 passengers have used the app during their flights, and have accessed an average of two different types of content during each one.

El Mundo, Marca or Expansion are just a few of the newspapers that users can read for free when logged into Immfly.

As well as consulting the daily press, Immfly users can also check the state of their flight at any point during the flight, look up how many kilometres remain until they land at their destination and what the temperature is outside.

One of the most popular features of the app, however, is the tourist guide about the city they are travelling to, which can be downloaded for free onto their phone and consulted once they have arrived in their destination.

This also comes with a booklet of discount vouchers and information about activities and things to do in the area.

Immfly is available in three different languages: Spanish, English and German – and therefore has been designed with the international passenger in mind. It also has content from other countries.

The Immfly application is very easy to use. All you have to do is change your smartphone to “flying” mode, connect to Immfly’s wi-fi network and then just navigate through the content.

Iberia Express is the first airline to offer this service and it hopes to offer Immfly in a greater number of aircrafts in the future and increase the content available.



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