Number of Mortgages Granted Rises 34% Annually
July Closes with Very High Temperatures in the Alicante Province
Multimillionaire Russian Anchors on the Javea-Denia Coast
Properties Now Sell 50% Faster on the Costa del Sol Than in 2015
Spanish Startup Creates Blue Wine
Longest Water Slide in Europe in Madrid This Sunday Only
UK Garage Music DJ and Producer Wookie on the Costa Blanca This Saturday
Madrid Campaigns in London to Bring the City to Spain’s Capital
Gas Bottle Price Drops to Minimum Level
32 Provinces on Orange Alert for High Temperatures Today
British Consulate Organises Informal Talk on Brexit Tomorrow in Alicante
Julian Marley & Uprising Perform at Mar de Músicas Festival Inauguration in Cartagena Tonight
Great Places to Visit This Summer
McDonald’s in Spain to Use 100% Spanish Beef from Now On

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13 July 2015
The men reading this article might find the topic slightly squeamish, yet for many women this is an important matter. Knowing more about our own bodies and how our own body works could, in many cases...
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Event finding mobile phone apps
02 June 2015
Most of us peruse the local press or the Internet to find out what’s going on in our area by way of events or activities, but often we are presented with a limited choice or read about the event...
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apps for fishing trips
20 May 2015

Make the Most of Your Fishing Trip with These Mobile Phone Apps

Have you ever planned for weeks to go fishing and then when you’ve got to your location you’ve spent practically the whole day with all your equipment set up, plenty of bait at the ready, twitching...
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23 April 2015

Learning Languages Using Brain Science

For some, learning a language is extremely difficult. The older you get, the harder it is to learn, so many of you say. But is that really true? Maybe you just haven’t found the right learning method...
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Could you get Whatsappitis?
07 April 2015

Are You in Danger of Contracting Whatsappitis?

Forget mad cows disease, bird flu and Ebola, there’s a new affliction that’s spreading through Spanish hospitals. Well, it’s not contagious, but hospitals across the country are filling up with...
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Apps that run down phone battery
03 March 2015

The 10 Apps that Reduce Your Android Phone’s Capacity the Most

Do you find that you’re always having to charge up your phone after hardly using it? This is a common problem, particularly if you tend to use the Internet a lot. But there are some apps that reduce...
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News in Slow Spanish
17 February 2015

News in Slow Spanish

Are you a foreigner living in Spain? Are you a foreigner living in Spain that doesn’t speak much Spanish but who wants to learn more? Well, the News in Slow Spanish app could be just what you need....
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Secure passwords
10 February 2015

The 25 Most Useless Passwords of 2014

Ensuring that the sensitive data that you keep on your laptop, computer or mobile device is safe and secure is of utmost importance – more so now than ever before since cybercrime is more prolific...
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Best apps of the week
06 February 2015

The Best Apps of the Week

Apps have become part of our daily lives and these days are hard to live without for some people. New apps appear on the market almost every day of the week. We’ve found some of the best apps around...
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Whatsapp on the Internet
06 February 2015

World’s Most Popular Messenger App Now Available on the Web

The majority of us have discarded text messaging and have moved on to the latest instant messaging technology, using one app or another. The most popular by far is, of course, Whatsapp, with 450...
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Learn Spanish and Other Languages with Busuu
26 January 2015

Learn Spanish and Other Languages with Busuu

Two former students of the Madrid Business School (Instituto de Empresa de Madrid), an Austrian and a Swede, are enjoying huge success with their innovative project to learn languages. Together, they...
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20 January 2015

Talk to the Occupant of the Adjacent Car with New App

These days you can find an app for just about anything. There are those to help you exercise, those that forecast the weather, those to help you get organized and make lists – and the list is endless...
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