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Posted by Julie Day on July 13, 2015

The men reading this article might find the topic slightly squeamish, yet for many women this is an important matter. Knowing more about our own bodies and how our own body works could, in many cases, help to detect illnesses and possibly prevent them from becoming serious if caught in the early stages.

That’s why this gynaecological and female health app developed by Mirco Bettelini in collaboration with the American Gynaecological Association has proved to be so popular in a number of countries including Italy and Spain.

How many times have you lost track of when your menstruation cycle is due, or even forgotten to take your contraceptive pill? Well, the iGyno app can help you with that plus a lot more.

The app is so useful for women that it has become the most downloaded app in Italy during the last 7 months, beating all other types of applications including games and other fun type of programmes. In Spain, it has become the fifth most downloaded app in recent months.

The man behind iGyno decided to create the app when his mother, who didn’t drink alcohol, smoke and who was a vegetarian, died of breast cancer five years ago. He believed that with the help of an app of this kind the cancer could possibly have been detected and diagnosed a lot sooner, and not when it was too late.

For this reason, the app also contains features like the explanatory video of how a woman should carry out a self-examination of her breasts to check for any lumps or anomalies regularly.

There is also a section on this user-friendly app that informs women who are trying to conceive when their most fertile days of the month are, which days they are most likely to conceive a boy or a girl, their hormone levels and the best day to take a pregnancy test.

And, with regards to the menstrual cycle, the app will send notification of when your period is due and create graphs so you can compare the dates for each of the previous months or the months to come, which is helpful if you are planning a future holiday.

In total there are about 40 different functions, so the possibilities are endless.

IGyno is available in 150 different countries and languages. However, with the Italian language app there is an additional feature that allows women to consult a gynaecologist online.

Betterlini has created a virtual network of almost 100 doctors who have committed to respond to these virtual queries within an hour. The idea behind this is so that women stop going to Google and the Internet to self-diagnose themselves, which is not considered a good idea.

The iGyno creator hopes to create a similar network in Spain and France in the near future.

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