Number of Mortgages Granted Rises 34% Annually
July Closes with Very High Temperatures in the Alicante Province
Multimillionaire Russian Anchors on the Javea-Denia Coast
Properties Now Sell 50% Faster on the Costa del Sol Than in 2015
Spanish Startup Creates Blue Wine
Longest Water Slide in Europe in Madrid This Sunday Only
UK Garage Music DJ and Producer Wookie on the Costa Blanca This Saturday
Madrid Campaigns in London to Bring the City to Spain’s Capital
Gas Bottle Price Drops to Minimum Level
32 Provinces on Orange Alert for High Temperatures Today
British Consulate Organises Informal Talk on Brexit Tomorrow in Alicante
Julian Marley & Uprising Perform at Mar de Músicas Festival Inauguration in Cartagena Tonight
Great Places to Visit This Summer
McDonald’s in Spain to Use 100% Spanish Beef from Now On

Life in Spain

General elections June 2016
29 April 2016

Elections Expected in June Unless Miracle Happens in Next Few Days

Most of us are well aware that Spain has been in limbo with regards to its political situation since last December, when not one of the country’s political parties managed a majority vote in the...
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Study reveals bread is not linked to obesity
27 April 2016

Study Reveals People Who Eat the Most Bread Are Least Overweight

Many people have shied away from eating bread because of the belief that it causes you to put on weight. And with the delicious types of bread that we have here in Spain, that is a real shame. The...
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Traffic is the worst type of noise pollution
27 April 2016

Which Type of Noise Pollution Is the Most Irritating?

If you’ve ever had to suffer from constant noise around your home or workplace, you will know how destructive and harmful to your health it can be. It can affect your mind and even lead to depression...
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Driving sanctions in Spain
26 April 2016

Town Halls Hand Out Five Times More Traffic Fines Than Tráfico

How many times have you been fined because of a driving offence that you carried out since living and driving in Spain? I’ve had two in the 12 years that I’ve lived here. One for illegal parking,...
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22 April 2016

Travellers Choice Awards Mallorca with the Title of Best Spanish Island

Having lived on the beautiful island of Mallorca for eight years a good few years back, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest to hear that the island has picked up an award for ‘Best Spanish Island...
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Electromar Festival 2016
21 April 2016

Electromar Festival to Be Held in Torrevieja for the Next Four Years

As with previous years, discussions as to whether the Electromar Festival, which has been celebrated in Torrevieja for the last four years, would go ahead were still raging with just a few months to...
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Guided tour to Cervantes tomb
21 April 2016

Free Guided Visits to Cervantes Tomb in Madrid Until December

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, considered by many as Spain’s greatest writer of all time is buried in the San Ildefonso church of the Trinitarias Descalzas (Barefoot Trinitarians) convent in Madrid,...
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Four fantastic walking routes for the spring
17 April 2016

The Four Best Hiking Routes for This Spring

These spring months before it gets too hot are a great time for being out in nature, especially if you’re into walking, hiking and other similar activities. And Spain is a fantastic country to...
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Calblanque beach in Murcia
14 April 2016

Calblanque Beaches Closed to Cars and Motorbikes This Summer

If you have never visited the virgin beaches of Calblanque, near La Manga in the region of Murcia, it is definitely advised to do so if you’re looking for an unspoilt, natural landscape that has...
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Animal Alerta report crime app
13 April 2016

‘Alerta Animal’: An App to Denounce Cases of Animal Abuse

The Observatory for the Justice and Defence of Animals (El Observatorio Justicia y Defensa Animal) is making the general public aware of its mobile phone app which has been created solely for the...
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Missed call scam
12 April 2016

Beware of Missed Call Scam Say Police

It seems that there are so many scams to be wary of these days that it’s hard to keep up with the latest ones. And each time, it gets more difficult to decipher whether an offer or communication is...
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Cherry trees in full bloom
07 April 2016

Spring Is Here and the Cherry Blossom Flourishes

Have you ever visited a cherry-tree orchard in Spain during the spring when the blossom is in full bloom? I have, and it really is a beautiful sight. The smell is divine too. If you haven’t had the...
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