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Life in Spain

Which is the most popular beer in Spain?
09 June 2016

Which Are the Top-Selling Beers in Spain?

As we all know, Spain is a country that loves beer. And, a lot of it is sold and consumed in this country. Spain is also known to produce a great number of popular beers that are favourites in...
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New school year in Cantabria
08 June 2016

Cantabria Is First Region in Spain to Implement New School Calendar

Cantabria, up in the north of Spain, has become the first autonomous region to introduce a school calendar similar to the most advanced European countries, with less holiday time over the summer...
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Al Andalus Car Hire helps local charity
07 June 2016

Al Andalus Car Hire Help Elche Children's Home

Through their collaboration with the N332 Road Safety Project, Al Andalus Car Hire wanted to try to help the local charities we work with, and thanks to their help, the children at Elche Children's...
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Temperatures soar in Spain
07 June 2016

This Week It Starts to Turn Hot

Well, in most parts of the country it has seemed as if summer was never going to arrive this year. We’ve had gloriously hot days perfect for the beach followed by a week of cloud and rain. Most of...
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Extremadura top destination for 2016
31 May 2016

Extremadura Cited as One of Best Destinations in Europe for 2016 by Lonely Planet

The travel magazine Lonely Planet has included the southwesterly region of Extremadura as one of the top 10 destinations to visit in Europe in 2016. It highlights the fact that Extremadura is “one of...
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Live and work in the countryside
30 May 2016

Young People Attracted to the Countryside to Start up Business in Agriculture

There was once a time when young people flocked to the big cities in search of work while being attracted by the buzz of city life at the same time. But, times have changed, and many have realised...
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Where not to swim in Spain
26 May 2016

More Than 85% of Spanish Beaches Deemed Excellent Quality

Temperatures are hotting up now and many of us have already made it down to the beach – if we are lucky enough to live close by. And, for the majority of us we are fortunate enough to bathe in...
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Spaniards like beer
25 May 2016

How Much Does the Average Spaniard Spend a Year on Beer and How Many Litres Is That?

On average, a total of 13.2 billion euro is spent on beer in Spain every year. This works out as 3.4% of the total for the whole world, meaning that each Spaniard invests 283,67 euro a year of his...
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20 May 2016

Prettiest Villages in Spain Are Integrated into International Federation of World’s Prettiest Villages

There are a total of 44 villages located in various parts of the country that form part of the Prettiest Villages in Spain Association. Earlier this week, all of these ‘pueblos’ were automatically...
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20 May 2016

Racing San Miguel CF seeks promotion to the First Regional category

● The team based in San Miguel de Salinas is the only one in Vega Baja region which needs a victory to promote in the last match of the season. An away victory of Racing San Miguel CF at Campo...
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French air traffic controllers strike today
19 May 2016

Hundreds of Flights Cancelled as French Air Traffic Controllers’ Strike Goes Ahead

It’s not the news that people want to hear today, particularly if they are travelling to Spain or the UK on a flight crossing over France and French air space. It has been confirmed that it has not...
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Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital Murcia
16 May 2016

First Non-Invasive Triple Heart Bypass in Spain Carried Out in Murcia

New technology and science has led to amazing accomplishments by doctors and surgeons in hospitals across the globe. And no doubt, this will continue to be the case for many years to come. Spain has...
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