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Spanish Property News

Tinsa forecasts good year for 2015
30 May 2015

Tinsa Calculates Greater Number of Property Valuations for 2015

Tinsa, the largest independent property evaluator in Europe, generated a total of 60.5 million euro last year through carrying out its services. This figure is 9.8% more than in 2013. And, the...
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BBVA lowers mortgage differential
20 May 2015

BBVA Lowers Mortgage Differential Rate to Compete in Banks’ Battle for New Clients

If any of you have been keeping an eye on what the banks in Spain are doing in order to attract new clients, you will be aware that they are fighting it out amongst themselves to be the ones that...
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Property sector in recovery
18 May 2015
According to the latest report from the Property Registry Statistics office, property prices in Spain went up by 2.65% annually at the end of the first quarter and 1.88% just in the previous three...
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Foreigners buy property in Spain
15 May 2015

Who Are the Foreigners Currently Buying Property in Spain?

Spain has always been one of the most popular holiday destinations for many foreigners, particularly those from other parts of Europe. A great number of them have also invested in property here at...
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Euribor at historic low in April 2015
14 May 2015

April Closes with Euribor at Historic Minimum

Property reports over the last few months have revealed that house prices are gradually rising in most parts of Spain, sales are increasing, banks are lending again and the construction sector is...
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Rise is new-build property
11 May 2015

The Demand for Off-Plan Property Rises from the Ashes

In many parts of Spain ‘gruas’ are being erected all over the place and it looks like the construction sector is being brought back to life. The cement mixers are in action and new buildings are...
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Renting property in Spain and bills
05 May 2015

Which Bills Should You Pay if You Are Renting a Property?

Many of my friends have recently been looking for new properties to rent, and it has become apparent that landlords are becoming more demanding when it comes to money matters, what has to be paid...
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Average re-sale property prices go up in April
04 May 2015

House Prices Increase in April across Half the Country

The average price of a re-sale property in Spain increased in nine of Spain’s autonomous regions in April. This is according to a report by Idealista, one of the country’s leading property portals....
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Property websites for Spanish banks
27 April 2015

Want to Buy a Property from the Bank?

Now is the time to buy a property if you have been thinking of buying a new place to live or a second home. Many people have been waiting and watching the market to see which way prices will go. And...
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More mortgages equals rising house prices
20 April 2015

The Rise in the Number of Mortgages Could Elevate House Prices, Say Moody’s

Recent reports have revealed that the number of mortgages being granted in Spain is going up, which is great news for the property sector in Spain. However, according to global credit-rating agency...
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Resale property prices rise in first quarter 2015
13 April 2015

Resale Property Prices Increase 0.2% in First Quarter

The price of resale property in Spain registered a slight increase of 0.2% during the first quarter of the year. The price per square metre now stands at 1,597 euro. Experts from property portal...
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Euribor could fall to new historic low
13 April 2015

Euribor Could Drop to a New Minimum in Next 12 Months

Experts in the property and finance sector believe that over the next 12 months it is possible that the mortgage reference rate, the Euribor, will drop to new historic lows. It is expected that it...
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