Posted by Julie Day on June 29, 2016
Popular holiday destinations for Spaniards

We all know which are the popular holiday destinations favoured by the Brits, although that might change now after recent events influencing the exchange rate of the pound; sun, sea and somewhere hot are the usual requisites.

But, what about the Spanish? Where do they like to go on their summer holiday? Do they choose another destination in their own country or are they adventurous enough to try further afield?

According to a study carried out by, it is much cheaper to travel and holiday from Wednesday to Monday, as booking a trip from Saturday to Saturday is the most expensive.

And the travel website has revealed that the most popular national destination booked by Spanish holidaymakers for June, July and August this year is Palma de Mallorca.

Out of a total of 57,000 reserved flights for these three months, almost 20% of them (18.3%) are destined for the Balearic capital city.

And the next most favoured destinations this summer are: Ibiza (14.6%), Barcelona (9%), Menorca (8.9%) and Madrid (7.8%).

Nevertheless, the Spanish do like to travel abroad as well, although it seems that they still like to remain a stone’s throw away from home. With 10% of reservations to a foreign destination, London has come out on top.

Other European cities will also receive a healthy number of Spanish visitors this summer, including Paris (6.5%), Bucharest (4%), Rome (3.8%) and Lisbon (3%).

On the other hand, many Spaniards have opted not to visit some of the more traditional summer holiday destinations such as Santorini, Florence, Oslo, Faro, Istanbul or Cuzco, preferring to try somewhere different this year.



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