After Brexit Vote Revealed Holidays to Spain Immediately Increase 10%
Tourism in Certain Spanish Villages Rockets Thanks to Game of Thrones
Property Purchases Rise 24% in May
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Challenging the Xenophobia of Brexit
More corruption investigations across Spain
Spanish Rugby 7 Team Make Olympics Against All Odds
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Canary Islands

Tourist expenditure rises in March
07 May 2016

Tourists Spent 10% More in March Than They Did Last Year

As a business owner, have you noticed that international visitors that have come to Spain in the last few months have forked out more money than last year while on holiday? Well, that’s what the...
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Weather in Spain today
25 February 2016

Daily Temperatures Set to Drop Over Next Few Days

Well, the weather has been extremely changeable this last month, especially in the Alicante area where we are based. One minute everyone’s on the beach soaking up the glorious sun, and the next we’re...
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Investment into Cataluña hotels drops
18 January 2016

Cataluña Loses Out in Hotel Investment Due to Political Uncertainty

There is political uncertainty all across the country at the moment, mainly due to the results of the General Elections that left Spain without a clear winning party. As a result, we are currently in...
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Tourism in Spain
29 July 2014

And the Tourists Keep Coming

According to a new survery by the government body FRONTUR, Spain has posted a new record for the number of international holidaymakers visiting this country during the first 6 months of the year. In...
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 house prices on the Islands
21 July 2014

House Prices Rise on the Islands

When there are so many agencies giving their own opinion on the property sector in Spain, it’s difficult to tell what’s really going on. Tinsa, one of the country’s leading property valuers has now...
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reduction of house prices slows down
10 July 2014

Reduction of House Prices Slows in Second Quarter

The rate at which general house prices are falling is beginning to slow. That’s according to the latest Tendencies of the Property sector report from Spain’s ST-Sociedad Tasación – a leading property...
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Tourist spending on for a record year in Spain
29 May 2014

Tourist Spending Reaches New Maximum

Well, if there’s one sector that’s doing well and bringing the cash in to local businesses, as well as the Government’s coffers, it’s the tourism sector. Although, with the quality of Spain’s natural...
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Canary Island airports expect an increase of visitors this year
18 March 2014

Government Announces 53 New Routes from Canary Island Airports This Summer

Ana Pastor, the government minister for Public Works, has announced a total of 53 new airline routes that are to be launched from the Canary Islands this summer. After excellent figures for visitor...
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Valencia is a popular region for international and national visitors
01 February 2013

International Tourism in the Valencian Region Grew the Most in 2012

Overnight stays by foreigners reached an historic maximum The most popular regions for international tourists are Baleares, Canarias and Cataluña The Valencian region is the second favourite for...
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