Bankinter Forecasts Rise in Property Prices Over the Next Year
Resale Property Prices Drop 0.1% in July
Number of Mortgages Granted Rises 34% Annually
July Closes with Very High Temperatures in the Alicante Province
Multimillionaire Russian Anchors on the Javea-Denia Coast
Properties Now Sell 50% Faster on the Costa del Sol Than in 2015
Spanish Startup Creates Blue Wine
Longest Water Slide in Europe in Madrid This Sunday Only
UK Garage Music DJ and Producer Wookie on the Costa Blanca This Saturday
Madrid Campaigns in London to Bring the City to Spain’s Capital
Gas Bottle Price Drops to Minimum Level
32 Provinces on Orange Alert for High Temperatures Today
British Consulate Organises Informal Talk on Brexit Tomorrow in Alicante
Julian Marley & Uprising Perform at Mar de Músicas Festival Inauguration in Cartagena Tonight


29 December 2015
We continue to write about it, but the recovery of the Spanish economy has had massive beneficial effects in many sectors of the economic and financial arenas. Retail and consumer confidence are up,...
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Spain's Ibex 35 drops after elections
21 December 2015

Spanish Stock Market Shakes after Elections

Spain’s stock market lost 3% and dropped to a total of 9,400 points before the clock had even struck 9 a.m. this morning. But that’s hardly surprising after the uncertainty generated from the result...
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Supermarket wars
02 December 2015

Numerous Supermarket Chains in Danger of Disappearing

They say that variety is the spice of life, but in some cases, too much choice can be damaging. This particularly goes for business. While offering consumers a reasonable amount of choice is healthy...
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Shops and businesses expect bumper sales for Christmas
17 November 2015

Shops and Businesses across Spain Prepare for Record Sales before Christmas

Small and large shops and businesses across the country, whether they are physical or online, are expecting to increase their turnover by a huge amount in the run-up to Christmas this year due to a...
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11 November 2015

New Electronic ITV Certificates Enter Into Use

From this week, new vehicles registered in Spain will have a new, electronic version of the technical characteristics document, rather than the traditional paper or card version. The new ‘tarjeta...
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Job Creation and Mass Consumption Rise but Wages Stay the Same
11 November 2015

Job Creation and Mass Consumption Rise but Wages Stay the Same

According to a recent report published by the European Central Bank (ECB), the economy in Spain is going from strength to strength. We are at the top of the list for the number of new jobs being...
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26 October 2015

Fitch Raises Credit Rating of Spain Due to Rapid Economic Growth

It was only a matter of a few years ago that Spain’s credit-rating qualification was just above ‘rubbish’ status and the future was not looking particularly promising. However, just three years down...
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Pablo Isla world's third best CEO
19 October 2015

New Criteria to Rank World’s Top Business Examples Creates Surprises

Chairman and CEO of Spanish textiles and fashion giant Inditex, Pablo Isla, has been named the third best CEO in the world, according to Harvard Business Review’s annual ranking of the best 100 chief...
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Spanish economy 2015
13 October 2015

Growth of Spanish Economy Forecast to Slow Down in Last Quarter

Madrid’s Flores de Lemus Institute of Economic Forecasts has announced that growth of the Spanish economy is slowing down and that Spain’s GDP will only increase 0.6% during the last quarter of this...
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06 October 2015

Which Countries Offer the Most Jobs to Spaniards Looking for Work Abroad?

Over the last couple of years many Spaniards have gone abroad in search of employment as they couldn’t find suitable work in this country. The countries in which they were most successful in gaining...
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02 October 2015

The Regions That Will Create the Most Jobs in October

Usually October is thought to be the month when many people lose their jobs and return to the dole as the summer season comes to a close and many seasonal contracts run out. But according to the...
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23 September 2015

The Richest and Poorest Municipalities in Spain

How do you know whether the municipality you live in is rich or poor? A good indication would be the price of property to buy and rent compared to other areas, the cost of living and the wages earned...
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