Bankinter Forecasts Rise in Property Prices Over the Next Year
Resale Property Prices Drop 0.1% in July
Number of Mortgages Granted Rises 34% Annually
July Closes with Very High Temperatures in the Alicante Province
Multimillionaire Russian Anchors on the Javea-Denia Coast
Properties Now Sell 50% Faster on the Costa del Sol Than in 2015
Spanish Startup Creates Blue Wine
Longest Water Slide in Europe in Madrid This Sunday Only
UK Garage Music DJ and Producer Wookie on the Costa Blanca This Saturday
Madrid Campaigns in London to Bring the City to Spain’s Capital
Gas Bottle Price Drops to Minimum Level
32 Provinces on Orange Alert for High Temperatures Today
British Consulate Organises Informal Talk on Brexit Tomorrow in Alicante
Julian Marley & Uprising Perform at Mar de Músicas Festival Inauguration in Cartagena Tonight


Spanish exports
30 March 2015
Spain is well-known for certain products that we all know and love and perhaps use on a daily basis. Olive oil, oranges and Serrano ham instantly spring to mind. But these are not the products made...
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Rising petrol prices halt deflation process
17 March 2015

Rising Petrol Prices Halt Risk of Deflation in Spain

While on a small scale we’ve all been over the moon about the substantial drop in petrol prices over the last few months, looking at the bigger picture, this has brought consumer prices down even...
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Devaluation of the euro is good for Spanish economy
10 March 2015

Spain in Line for More Tourism and Exports

With the euro devaluing more than 20% in the last year against the American dollar and both currencies almost at the same exchange rate, this is sure to create a promising year for Spain in terms of...
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Hacienda apply sanctions in cash transaction law
10 March 2015
In 2012, the Spanish Government introduced a measure to combat tax fraud and money laundering, making it illegal to make a cash payment in a business transaction for 2,500 euro or more. Last year,...
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Property purchases January 2015
09 March 2015

Property Sales Accelerate in Almost Every Region in Spain

We are in no doubt now that the property sector in Spain is well into the road of recovery. Official figures and statistics have more than proved that so far. House prices and purchases are gradually...
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Spanish property values to increase 5% in 2016
24 February 2015

Spanish Real Estate Will Increase in Value by 5% in 2016 Says Bankinter

According to a study carried out by Spanish bank Bankinter, the average price of property in Spain is set to go up by around 1.5% in certain select locations across the country in 2015. The six-...
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Tourist spending 2014
09 February 2015

Last Year Registered Record Spending by Inbound Tourists

According to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, Spain ended last year with a record high for inbound tourist spending – the second consecutive year in a row. International visitors to the...
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Spanish economy in growth
02 February 2015

Growth of the Spanish Economy Accelerates

Positive reports about Spain’s economic growth not only in the last year but for the forthcoming two years have been coming in thick and fast. So it comes as no surprise to learn that the last...
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Primark leads women's low-cost fashion sales
28 January 2015

Spaniards Choose Low-Cost Fashion Chains over Others

Low-cost fashion stores, those that sell clothing for cheaper prices than the average, have grown in popularity particularly over the last three years, and have attracted almost 4 million new...
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Tourism is booming in Spain
28 January 2015

Last Year Broke Records for Tourism; This Year Looks Even Better

Last year was a fantastic year for tourism in Spain. The number of holidaymakers that visited this country was the same that France has inhabitants: 65 million. They also spent a record-breaking...
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Spain leads economic growth
22 January 2015

Spain Leads Growth in Euro Zone

In its previous forecast in October, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) forecast that the global economy would grow 3.8% in 2015 and 4.1% the following year. Just four months later, however, these...
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13 January 2015

Luxury Cars Back on the Road in 2015

It’s difficult not to look on in awe when a smooth and sleek Lamborghini or Porsche purrs past when we’re out in the street. However, with the economic crisis gripping the country over the last few...
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