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house prices

Coastal real estate prices rise
16 June 2016

Rise in House Prices Reaches the Coast

Property prices are rising in Spain and that is now a fact. According to real-estate experts, the increase in the value of property, which started off mainly in the major cities, has now arrived in...
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House prices remain the same in April 2016
03 May 2016

Resale Property Prices Increase in Two Regions Only

House prices for second-hand properties haven’t experienced much of a change with the arrival of spring. In fact, during the month of April, prices have more or less remained stable, although the...
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House price ratio to wages in Spain
06 April 2016

Average Person Needs 8 Years of Salary to Afford to Buy a Property

In this country, the average person would need 7.6 years of his salary to be able to purchase an average property, which is slightly higher than the 7.4 years registered during the last quarter of...
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People want larger homes
26 February 2016

The Demand Now Is for Bigger Houses

During the property boom, which for most seems like a very long time ago, the demand for various types of property was very different to how it is now. Due to the way in which property prices had...
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House prices to rise the most in the EU
19 February 2016
In a recent report published by the European Commission, Spain and Ireland, two of the countries to be worst-hit by the property crisis, will see house prices rise quite substantially over the next...
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House prices 2015
16 February 2016
According to a recent report by the Property Statistics Registry, house prices in Spain went up 6.6% annually last year and the number of property operations increased 11.2%, reaching a healthy 354,...
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29 January 2016
While we are aware that property prices are steadily rising in Spain, the average cost of a typical property is not equal across the country. Even in the same region, the difference between the most...
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11 January 2016

House Prices Expected to Rise in 2016

With 2015 closing on a high with regards to the evolution of the property sector, many will be interested to find out what this forthcoming year has in store. According to data from the National...
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House Prices Rise in October for First Time in Six Years
05 November 2015

House Prices Rise in October for First Time in Six Years

According to the latest report from leading property evaluator Tinsa, the average price of new and second-hand property went up 0.8% annually in October. According to Tinsa, this is the first time...
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13 October 2015

Annual Property Prices Register Their Most Moderate Drop Since 2008

While demand for property in Spain has been rising, it is interesting to know that annual house prices are falling. But they might not do for much longer, as September registered the smallest decline...
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Annual house prices rise 2nd quarter
09 September 2015

House Prices Experience Biggest Annual Increase in 7 Years

It depends on where you live in Spain, but many of you will have seen how property prices are gradually starting to rise. This will be more apparent in some places than others – namely major cities...
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Property sector recuperation
08 September 2015

Property Sector Recovers at Two Speeds

Property prices have gone up 5%, purchases have increased by 11% and the number of mortgages granted have risen 26%. Spain’s real-estate sector has moved up into second gear, according to the media,...
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