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tax fraud

Results of asset declaration measure exceed expectations
23 May 2013
131,411 asset abroad declarations were made in total Hefty fines will be imposed if it is discovered that information is inaccurate or missing The last day in which declarations could be submitted...
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Taxpayers pay extra to compensate money lost through fraud
23 May 2013

Tax Evasion Costs Taxpayers an Extra 1,910 Euro a Year

Almost 6% less money is generated through tax than it was 5 years ago 90,000 million euro is lost through tax evasion and fraud each year in Spain The average taxpayer is left with the burden of...
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Hacienda is cracking down on property irregularities
21 May 2013

Hacienda to Pursue Second Home Owner Tax Avoiders

Hacienda pursues is to pursue home owners that have declared their second residence as their first to avoid paying tax The tax authority is stepping up its campaign to clamp down on illegal rentals...
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British overseas territories will pass on fiscal information
06 May 2013

European Countries Secure Help from British Overseas Territories in Fight Against Tax Evasion

British overseas territories agree to facilitate details of bank accounts and how they are being used Europe is stepping up its battle against tax evasion This news is announced just after the cut-...
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Switzerland lifts secrecy banking
08 February 2013

Tax Dodgers Will Soon Have Nowhere to Hide as Switzerland Lifts Banking Secrecy

Switzerland must provide information on all accounts that ‘behave suspiciously’ The Spanish government will no longer need to provide names and account numbers of suspected tax dodgers 45 billion...
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Fiscal residents in Spain must declare their overseas assets
04 February 2013

Residents and Businesses in Spain Must Declare Overseas Assets

All residents in Spain must declare their overseas assets worth more than 50,000 euro Severe fines will be awarded for failure to comply with the new law Tax residents have until 30 April to present...
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Spain orders Falciani release from prison
19 December 2012

Spain Orders Conditional Release of Falciani – the Man with the List of Tax Evaders

Falciani’s release was ordered by Spain’s High Court Switzerland want him extradited but many countries do not In Switzerland he is guilty of theft of private data and violation of commercial secrets...
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New anti-fraud law comes into force
15 November 2012

Anti-Fraud Act Comes into Force

New anti-fraud law targets tax fraudsters and dodgers Heavy fines applied to those that break the law All assets abroad must be declared to the tax office Cash payments of only up to 2,500 euro...
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Tax office carries out more inspections than ever
15 November 2012

Spanish Tax Office Carries Out More Inspections Than Ever Due to Heads Up on Cheats

Rise in the number of tax dodgers being "grassed up" Tax agency follow up information received by named and anonymous parties The public has a higher fiscal conscience The tax office (Agencia...
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France invests more money than Spaon to battle tax fraud
14 November 2012

France Invests Triple Amount to Spain to Fight Tax Fraud

Tax inspectors recover 18.7% more money from tax fraud, yet could recuperate more Spanish inspectors demand more manpower and resources France invests three times as much into fighting fiscal fraud...
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Hacienda recuperates more money in tax fraud battle
14 November 2012

Hacienda Fights Tax Fraud and Recovers 16% More Money

Spain’s tax office recovered 16% more money than in 2011 More tax returns are being thoroughly checked and inspected The Government is trying to clamp down on tax fraud Spain’s government tax office...
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