After Brexit Vote Revealed Holidays to Spain Immediately Increase 10%
Tourism in Certain Spanish Villages Rockets Thanks to Game of Thrones
Property Purchases Rise 24% in May
Habaneras on the Beach
Challenging the Xenophobia of Brexit
More corruption investigations across Spain
Spanish Rugby 7 Team Make Olympics Against All Odds
Bowie Tribute Concerts in Madrid and Barcelona This Weekend
Which Stores Have Already Begun Their Summer Sales Before the Official Date?
Institutional statement on Brexit by the acting President of the Government
Population Reduces the Most along the Valencia Coast
The Increase in Number of Millionaires in Spain Is Biggest in Europe


eDay discounts for online shopping 13 June
13 June 2016

Today Is eDay: Get Thousands of Discounts Off Your Favourite Brands

There’s Black Friday in November, which is relatively well-known, and various sales throughout the year, but have you ever heard of eDay? No, well, it just happens to be today. Of course, this is...
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Beware of Locky ransomware computer virus
02 June 2016

Beware Endesa Electricity Bill Sent Via Email Could Be Computer Virus

There are so many scams about these days that it’s often hard to know who to trust and who not to trust, what’s real and what’s fake. The cons seem to be flying from all directions. First, we just...
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Apps to learn how to play musical instruments
09 March 2016
As we get older, we often think back on our lives and wish we had or hadn’t done certain things. I would have liked to have taken up dance lessons as a child or joined my local athletics club, but...
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Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona
25 February 2016

GSMA Names Best Mobile Phone of the Year at MWC

The Mobile World Congress, which is organized by the GSMA, the largest mobile phone and telecommunications body in the world, is on its last day today and has been taking place in Barcelona for the...
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e-commerce in Spain
27 January 2016
Turnover generated by e-commerce, buying and selling online, in Spain reached a record figure of 4.95 billion euro during the second quarter of last year. According to the CNMC (National Markets and...
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09 December 2015

Zara Trials ‘Intelligent’ Changing Rooms in Flagship Store

Always at the forefront of fusing fashion and technology, retail fashion store Zara has just installed some ‘intelligent’ changing rooms in one of its flagship stores. The idea is to make the...
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Free Wi-Fi in 12 Spanish airports available
21 October 2015

Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Already Available in 12 Spanish Airports

With the aim of bringing its airports up to speed with others across Europe, AENA recently announced that free and unlimited Wi-Fi would soon be available to passengers in every single airport in...
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16 September 2015
While September is often one of the most pleasant months of the year in terms of weather conditions in the fact that it’s not too hot or too cold, it’s also one of the most annoying when it comes to...
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19 June 2015

The Google Madrid Campus, a centre to help IT entrepreneurs learn, share ideas, and set up their own start-up business while being mentored by Google experts, is now open. Anyone that is interested...
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Event finding mobile phone apps
02 June 2015
Most of us peruse the local press or the Internet to find out what’s going on in our area by way of events or activities, but often we are presented with a limited choice or read about the event...
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Secure passwords
10 February 2015

The 25 Most Useless Passwords of 2014

Ensuring that the sensitive data that you keep on your laptop, computer or mobile device is safe and secure is of utmost importance – more so now than ever before since cybercrime is more prolific...
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Whatsapp on the Internet
06 February 2015

World’s Most Popular Messenger App Now Available on the Web

The majority of us have discarded text messaging and have moved on to the latest instant messaging technology, using one app or another. The most popular by far is, of course, Whatsapp, with 450...
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