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Posted by Julie Day on January 21, 2016

Best Andriod apps for January 2016

Most of us now are accustomed to using at least one or two mobile phone apps on a daily basis. But, there are so many around these days, with greater numbers of them being launched on a daily basis, that it is hard to keep up with what’s out there.

That’s why OTP is here to help with filling you in on what’s hot this month in the mobile phone application and technology world. We realise that many of you, like us, need a lot of help with this, so we’ve turned to to see what’s on offer. Or we could just go and ask any nine-year-old child.

So, let’s have a look at the list. And remember that these are all available for Android phones and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Flash Keyboard

With this app you can personalize your own keyboard, changing easily from one language to another. There are hundreds of emoji, emoticons, skins and stickers available too, and you can even transform your own photos into stickers with downloadable templates from which you can make your own Gifs. This keyboard also has a predictive text option, corrects your spelling and even allows you to learn new words through its very own dictionary. For more info, view:

Gastos Diarios

This is a very useful app if you have a tendency to overspend. Gastos Diarios allows you to organize and control your expenses and the money that comes in as well. Register every move you make involving money, and this way your spending habits needn’t spiral out of control. You can categorize all your movements under your own headings, sub-headings or projects, and you can also create reports that tell you what you spend most of your money on and where it is possible to reduce outgoings. For more info, go to:

Personal Trainer: Home Workout

Yes, ideally, we would all like to work out more than we actually do. And January is always the month when we say that we will, especially after hopping on the scales as soon as the Christmas holidays have finished and get the shock of our lives. Personal Trainer: Home Workout could just be the app to help you get fit. The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to step one foot outside of your front door, as all the exercise routines are carried out at home. Establish your own goals according to your fitness level and choose which trainer you’d like to work with. There are options to lose weight, carry out cardio training, define those abs and much more. There are 100 different exercise regimes, and the app counts the repetitions that you do. All you need to worry about is keeping up and not losing your rhythm. For more info, go to:

Photo Editor Pic Collage Maker

With this app you can add borders, filters, stickers and make collages so that your photographs are worthy of exhibition display. Take a photo with the app itself, or choose one from your own gallery and begin to work wonders on it. There are options to improve the quality of the photo, such as making them lighter or darker, cropping them and rotating them etc. Once you’re happy with the base, you can then start adding texts, stickers, paint, filters, borders and loads more. Taking photos has never been so creative. For more info, see:

FilmoraGo – free video editor

Filmmaking just got easier with this brilliant app. Just import photos or video clips from your galleries, Facebook, folders or Instagram and begin to create your own work of art, worthy of an Oscar nomination! Add themes, filters and a title, then select the music that you want to go with the video. You can also add text and sub-titles then preview the results and make changes as you go along. For more info about this app, visit:



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