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Posted by Julie Day on September 08, 2015
Learn Spanish with mobile phone applications

One of the biggest regrets that many people have after leaving school is not having paid attention in language classes and thus not being able to speak a foreign language.

As a former Spanish teacher in a UK secondary school, I lost count of the number of times I used to hear the words, “What’s the point of learning Spanish, I’m never going to go to Spain.”

It’s probable that many of those who thought that learning Spanish at school was pointless will change their mind some time later on in life.

The problem is that learning a language for many is not easy. But then, the things that take a little bit of effort and hard work never are and are always worth it in the end!

The process will require a huge investment of time and concentration. Flicking through a Spanish grammar book and doing a few exercises before you fall asleep won’t be enough. There are many skills that need to be practiced.

Experts say that it takes 500 to 4,400 hours of learning to be able to speak another language fluently. Are you willing to put in the hours?

You can try with books, lessons, television, the radio, Spanish conversation, audio CDs and websites. If, however, you’re looking for something new, why not try one of the recommended apps for smartphones detailed below? If you already spend way too much time on your phone, this could be the perfect way to learn a new language for you.

Semper: Learn Effortlessly

This app is worked around the procedure of unlocking your phone, which the average user does 32 times a day. Each time you pick up your phone, Semper will provide you with a language-learning puzzle that you have to solve first before you can use your phone.

For more info on this app, visit:

Duolingo: Learn Launguage Free

Duolingo is one of the most well-known names when it comes to language learning. With this fun app, users learn through playing language games that incorporate listening, grammar, vocab, sorting and translation while moving up and down levels depending on whether or not you get the questions correct.

For more detailed info, visit:

Memrise Learn Languages Free

As the name suggests, this app, with more than 100 different languages available, is based on memory games and exercises. You can work at your own pace and spend more time on the topics that you find more difficult. Memrise works in a way so that you won’t forget.

For more info, visit:

Pocket Casts

As it states in the description for this app, which is the only one that isn’t free, everything is happening over the Internet now and no longer on the television. Pocket Casts allows the user to watch podcasts, videos, blogs and conferences and series. The layout is simple and groups similar content together, making it easier to keep up-to-date with what you’re watching.

More info:

Hello Pal: Talk to the World

For many, the hardest skill to pick up when learning a language is speaking. Often finding someone to practise with, particularly when you average around four words a minute, is virtually impossible. This is where Hello Pal comes in as it allows you to make new friends and start a conversation in a foreign language at the same time.

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