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Posted by Julie Day on May 27, 2016
Bardem and Cruz to star in new movie

Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz, one of Hollywood’s most glamourous couples, are currently in talks with Iranian director Asghar Farhadi to star and work together in his latest film.

Farhadi, who has just been awarded the prize for best script for his film Forushande (The Salesman) at the Cannes Film Festival, is still in the stages of writing this new story, which is centred around the lives of a family of vine growers.

The movie, which still doesn’t have a title, will be filmed in Spain, and the director will visit Spain next month in search of a suitable location.

The production will be co-produced by French company Memento and the Almodóvar brothers.

A top American actor, who is yet to be confirmed as well, will also star in the movie and complete the cast.

As well as sharing a life together as a couple today, Bardem and Cruz have coincided on a number of projects, the first time in 1992 in Spanish film Jamón, Jamón by Bigas Luna.

Fifteen years later they coincided again in Woody Allen’s Vicky, Cristina Barcelona, and in 2013 they both worked in The Counsellor, although they didn’t share a scene throughout the whole film.

The latest project in which they star together is set to be released during the summer of 2017 and is titled Escobar. Bardem will take on the role of Pablo Escobar, the world’s most infamous drugs trafficker and head of one of the most dangerous drugs cartels from Columbia, while Cruz will interpret Virginia, his partner.

The film is based on the book by journalist Virginia Vallejo, “Loving Pablo, hating Escobar”, and will delve more into the personal and sentimental life of the criminal, who was romantically involved with the journalist whilst in Medellín.

Escobar is being directed by Fernando León de Aranoa, and Bardem is one of the three producers.



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