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Posted by Julie Day on March 21, 2016

It’s not unheard of for a world-famous footballer to enter into the world of gastronomy and restaurants. Rio Ferdinand is the owner of the popular Rosso restaurant in Manchester and Café Football is a fairly new establishment owned by Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville.

And now following in the footsteps of those that have ventured before is Leo Messi, forward for Barcelona FC and one of the sport’s greatest players of all time.

He has teamed up with his brother, Rodrigo, and Juan Carlos, Borja and Pedro Iglesias, world-class chefs and owners of three restaurants: Rías de Galicia – which some say is one of the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona – Espai Kru and Cañota.

The brothers have also had several successful projects doing business with two of Barcelona other famous chef brothers, Ferran and Albert Adrià, the former who worked as head chef of El Bulli until it closed.

Both sets of brothers are pleased to be working with each other due to the huge publicity the restaurant will receive will all being involved.

The joint project will go under the name of Bellavista del Jardín del Norte and it will be located at 86, Calle Enrique Granados in Barcelona.

The establishment has an area of 1,000 square metres of interior space plus a further 1,000 square metres of garden.

The theme of the restaurant is country living, and this will be reflected in the décor and layout of both the interior and exterior.

Customers will enter the establishment by passing through a greenhouse filled with plant life, greenery and herbs.

From there, they will enter the huge interior space, which will feature all the typical elements that you would imagine to find in a village: a church, a barbershop, a village store, a newsagent’s, a village square, a bar and a ‘churrería’.

And this village will also contain a cinema, fruit machines, table football, and, of course, a number of trophies, cups and sports medals hanging from the walls.



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