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Posted by Julie Day on December 24, 2015
Prince Charles to inherit from deceased Mallorquin

Wouldn’t it be amazing, and completely unbelievable, if a complete stranger on the other side of the world left you some money and possessions in their will?

Well, although it would seem pretty unlikely, this is exactly what has happened to the ex-president of the United States of America George Bush and Prince Charles of England.

A former military man from Mallorca recently passed away and upon reading his will, which he had composed shortly before his death, it was discovered that there were a number of strange inheritors who would all receive a share of the man’s fortune.

Even more peculiar is that none of his children were mentioned in the will.

Of course, his children are now in the process of contesting the man’s last wishes before the courts, citing that he was in no fit state of mind mentally to make the decision that he did with regards to sharing out his wealth.

Before his death, this resident from Alcúdia, in the north of the Island, organised for his wishes to be recorded in front of a notary.

And, George Bush and Prince Charles weren’t the only strange names to be read out from the will. There were others too.

For example, he left assets to the Catholic group within the US Republican Party, his psychiatrist, the regional government of Cataluña, the Russian Orthodox Church and to a well-known Spanish general in the artillery army, to name just a few.

The deceased’s direct descendants, his children, have appealed to the courts, first to the one in Inca and then to the court in Palma. Both, subsequently, had thrown out the demand on the basis that it wasn’t within their jurisdiction, and therefore, a higher court is in the process of deciding which of the two courts must take on the case.



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