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Posted by Rayan Treehugger on October 26, 2015

It’s definitely becoming apparent that Spain is slowly changing its views on the treatment and welfare of animals, which is something that numerous groups and individuals have been campaigning for, for many years.

Bullfighting is in decline, circuses are being banned in some areas, programmes to sterilize stray cats, dogs and pigeons are being put in place and a legislation is being transmitted with rules on including animals and pets in shows and performances.

Now, a judge in Palma de Mallorca has made Spanish history by being the first judge to sentence a man to prison for animal abuse.

The owner of a well-known competition horse has been sent to prison for 8 months after beating the animal to death following its poor performance in a competition, which caused him to lose.

Eugeni Sánchez caused the violent death of the horse known as Sorky by beating him with a stick at the racecourse in Manacor on the island of Mallorca on 30 December 2012, after the animal strayed from the route of the race course during a competition.

After sentencing, the owner appealed the decision to condemn him to prison, but the judge turned down his plea to suspend the sentence or substitute it for community service.

When addressing Sánchez, the judge commented that she was under no doubt that the accused had employed unnecessary violence against the horse, which not only caused him unimaginable suffering but which also resulted in his death.

She continued that by suffering a beating with a stick, the animal’s demise was not instant; it was prolonged and one of the most agonizing ways to die by one of the most brutal methods possible.

She ended by completely disregarding the man’s argument that he loved the animal, telling him that there was no evidence of any passion or love for the animal at all as far as she could see.

This attack on Sorky caused utter outrage amongst the general public on the island at the time.

Despite various appeals to delay entering into prison, Sánchez was admitted into Palma’s penitentiary centre a few days ago, where he will carry out his eight-month sentence.

Although this ruling is the first of its kind, it will more than likely not be the last.

Source: www.cadenaser.com, www.diariodemallorca.com


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