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Posted by Jeni Evans on April 25, 2016
FreedomPop in Spain in July

The latest news from Orange, Vodafone and Movistar is that all three telecommunications companies are set to increase their tariffs yet again this coming summer.

So, to hear that a new virtual mobile phone company that has been kicking up a storm in the US and the UK by offering free telephone calls, free text messages and free data will launch in Spain also this summer, will be welcome news for anyone that owns a mobile phone.

The company is called FreedomPop and it originates from the United States. It has been running for three years, gaining 1 million customers, and has recently become popular in the UK as well. The news is that it will arrive in this country around July.

Each good offer has its little catch, but in the case of FreedomPop this is still a very attractive deal.

Basically, there is a limit to the amount of calls, texts and data that can be used per month. When this limit has been reached, the user will have to pay for a series of extra credits to be able to continue to use the service.

The details haven’t been confirmed 100% for Spain yet, but it is expected that users will be given 300 free minutes-worth of calls, 300 SMS messages and 300MBs of data each month. Once this limit has been reached, the client will have the option to pay for extra credit, which, according to the official website (, has prices that are much lower than those currently on the market.

What has been confirmed in a recent press release, on the other hand, is that in Spain the use of Whatsapp will not be counted under the consumption of data and will therefore be totally free. This will apply both to instant messages and Whatsapp calls, and is an important bonus seeing as 90% of all text messages in this country are sent via Whatsapp.

So, how does FreedomPop actually work? Well, the company works solely with data, and this includes for calls as well. For this reason, it only works on Android and iOS devices.

All the user has to do is purchase a FreedomPop SIM card, which will be priced at just 5 euro. Then, you just insert the card into your phone or tablet, download the FreedomPop app and you can then begin to use the service.

The model for this company launched in 2012 is charging clients for the extra megas they will have to contract to carry on using the service once the 300 MG have been reached and other services, while giving the basic operations for free.

For basic users, this will be the perfect app, while even for people who use their phone a lot, they will be able to enjoy much cheaper prices than elsewhere.




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