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Posted by Jeni Evans on November 24, 2015

Popular low-cost airline Ryanir has launched a massive campaign for Christmas whereby one-way flights are being offered from just 5 euro.

This offer is being applied to more than 250 of its routes, and will be available from now until midnight tomorrow night (25 November).

Communications manager, Robin Kiely, has announced that a total of 100,000 have gone on sale starting off at just 5 euro.

Passengers can book these flights through the Ryanair website at

And there are numerous destinations to choose from. For example, 5-euro flights from Barcelona Reus include to destinations such as London Stansted and Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Some of the other offers include the following:

  • Barcelona: Mallorca (4,68 €), Ibiza (4,69 €), Paris (5,00 €), Dublin (9,99 €), Hamburg (9,99 €)
  • Alicante: Hamburg (9,99 €), Oslo (9,99 €), Rome (9,99 €), Paris (12,99 €)
  • Birmingham: Dublin (5,00 €), Faro (9,99 €), Malta (9,99 €), Mallorca (12,99 €), Barcelona (14,99 €)
  • London Gatwick: Cork (7,01 €), Shannon (7,01 €), Dublin (9,99 €)
  • Castellón: London Stansted (5,01 €)
  • Valencia: Ibiza (4,66 €), Berlin (5,00 €), Brussels (5,00 €), Frankfurt (5,00 €)
  • Madrid: Hamburg (5,00 €), Malta (5,00 €), Bratislava (9,99 €), Copenhagen (9,99 €)
  • Malaga: Mallorca (4,82 €), Oslo (4,89 €), Berlin (9,99 €), Brussels (9,99 €)

Ryanair actually operates more than 1,800 daily flights from 76 different bases, connecting 200 destinations in 31 different countries.

The company currently has a total of three hundred Boeing 737s, which will shortly expand to 380, enabling the airline to reduce its prices and increase the number of passengers it is able to fly.

Just a reminder that this offer is for one-way flights and the sale ends at midnight of 25 November.



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