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Spanish Economy News

20 November 2015

One Week to Prepare for Black Friday 2015

Black Friday originated in the US. One month before Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving, prices on commercial goods are reduced to the lowest amount possible just for 24 hours in a bid to kick-off...
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19 November 2015
Unfortunately, there seem to be more and more of them, but luckily we don’t generally tend to have to use them very frequently. I’m talking about the telephone numbers that begin with a variant of...
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Price of gas bottles is reduced
18 November 2015

Price of Butane Gas Bottle Reduced This Week

As of yesterday, the maximum price vendors are allowed to charge for a 12.5kg orange gas bottle is 12,68 euro, which is a reduction of 0.6% of its current price (12,76 euro). When we look back to the...
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Shops and businesses expect bumper sales for Christmas
17 November 2015

Shops and Businesses across Spain Prepare for Record Sales before Christmas

Small and large shops and businesses across the country, whether they are physical or online, are expecting to increase their turnover by a huge amount in the run-up to Christmas this year due to a...
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16 November 2015

Carrefour Studies Prospect of Opening 24 Hours a Day

We’ve probably all been faced with the situation where we’ve planned a delicious meal for our loved one but realized at the last minute that we’re missing a vital ingredient and it’s urgent, but it’s...
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Iberia Beats Low-Cost Airlines for Growth Figures for 2015
12 November 2015
After years of declining figures, Iberia, and its low-cost sister company Iberia Express, have managed to turn things around and return to positive growth. So much so that this year, the Spanish...
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11 November 2015

New Electronic ITV Certificates Enter Into Use

From this week, new vehicles registered in Spain will have a new, electronic version of the technical characteristics document, rather than the traditional paper or card version. The new ‘tarjeta...
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Job Creation and Mass Consumption Rise but Wages Stay the Same
11 November 2015

Job Creation and Mass Consumption Rise but Wages Stay the Same

According to a recent report published by the European Central Bank (ECB), the economy in Spain is going from strength to strength. We are at the top of the list for the number of new jobs being...
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Spanish Engineers Propose Charges to Enter Large Cities in Bid to Control Traffic and Accidents
10 November 2015

Spanish Engineers Propose Charges to Enter Large Cities in Bid to Control Traffic and Accidents

The official Association of Road Engineers has submitted a proposal to Spain’s four main political parties, which they would like to see in their electoral campaign programmes, detailing plans to...
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A number of car insurers warn that premiums will go up from January 2016
09 November 2015

Car Insurance Premiums Expected to Rise Due to Revision of Compensation Pay Guidelines

The latest warning about the rising cost of insuring your car in Spain has come from Mapfre, but this isn’t the first company to predict that motorists will have to pay more for their premiums as of...
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Unemployment Goes Up in All Sectors Except One
04 November 2015

Unemployment Goes Up in All Sectors Except One

Now is the time of year when the number of people looking for work or who have recently become unemployed begins to rise. The summer season is well and truly over with, which means during the months...
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In Which Region of Spain Are Pensions the Highest?
03 November 2015

In Which Region of Spain Are Pensions the Highest?

While I grew up in the UK, I have spent most of my working life living in Spain. That means that when I reach a pensionable age, I’ll be claiming my pension over here. And it’s not a subject that I...
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