McDonald’s in Spain to Use 100% Spanish Beef from Now On
After Brexit Vote Revealed Holidays to Spain Immediately Increase 10%
Tourism in Certain Spanish Villages Rockets Thanks to Game of Thrones
Property Purchases Rise 24% in May
Habaneras on the Beach
Challenging the Xenophobia of Brexit
More corruption investigations across Spain
Spanish Rugby 7 Team Make Olympics Against All Odds
Bowie Tribute Concerts in Madrid and Barcelona This Weekend
Which Stores Have Already Begun Their Summer Sales Before the Official Date?
Institutional statement on Brexit by the acting President of the Government
Population Reduces the Most along the Valencia Coast

Spanish Economy News

21 March 2016
There aren’t many fashion stores that can compete with Primark in terms of cheap prices, in all fairness. However, that has not stopped a number of Spain’s most popular brands from having a go in...
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Subway plans to expand in Spain
17 March 2016
Up until only recently, I had never eaten in a Subway restaurant. Despite the fact that Subway has been around for years, and so have I! In fact, the fast-food sandwich franchise is one of the...
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Tempe Outlet to Open in Madrid
16 March 2016
Inditex, the mother company of popular high street brands such as Zara, Bershka and Oysho, and its founder and owner, Spain’s richest man and the second richest man in the world, Amancio Ortega,...
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Gas bottles reduce in price 5%
16 March 2016
The price of fuel and energy has been reduced gradually over the last year. It didn’t feel like that long ago that the price of a gas bottle was at its highest of approximately 17 euro. However, with...
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Consumer prices fall in February
15 March 2016
According to the National Statistics Institute (INE) consumer prices dropped 0.8% last month when compared to prices of consumer items from February 2015. This has been a tendency for the last two...
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Ryanair drops prices
10 March 2016
Ryanair’s Chief Commercial Officer David O'Brien announced earlier this week that the popular low-cost airline would be reducing its prices by 6% from April, and for the next quarter, as a direct...
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Inditex outdoes Mercadona in sales
10 March 2016
You would think that with Inditex, mother company of fashion brands such as Bershka, Zara and Stradivarius, selling its wares in shops all over the globe – 88 countries, to be precise – that it would...
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consumer confidence February 2016
03 March 2016

Consumer Confidence Drops 4 Points Due to Poor Future Outlook

Consumer confidence fell 3.9 points in February from the previous month due to the poor outlook on the current economic and political situation in Spain, and also due to the lack of confidence in the...
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Richest and poorest cities in Spain
03 March 2016
According to a report published by the National Statistics Institute, which has studied socioeconomic data in order to calculate and measure the standard of living in 109 Spanish cities, the poorest...
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Zara Sport new range from Inditex
02 March 2016

Inditex Succumbs to Fitness Fever and Launches Zara Sport

It has been one of the last major fashion brands to jump on the bandwagon, but finally Inditex has succumbed to the latest fashion trend and is about to launch its own range of fitness wear. The new...
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Last quarter of 2015 was excellent for construction
02 March 2016

Construction Closed 2015 with Best Quarter in Three Years

The construction sector in Spain contributed a total of 80,055 million euro to Spain’s GDP during the last quarter of 2015, which, according to the National Statistics Institute, is the highest...
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Tourism off to a good start this year
01 March 2016

Tourism Rises 11% Annually in January

According to the National Statistics Institute, Spain received a total of 3.5 million international tourists in January this year, which is 11.2% more than for the same month in 2015. The majority of...
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