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06 March 2015
The obligation to declare all assets abroad valued at 50,000€ or more has not only caused many residents, particularly foreign residents in Spain, a lot of hassle and untold stress, it has also...
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EU citizens right to vote
23 December 2014

Ministry of Home Affairs in Spain Launches Campaign on Rights to Vote for EU Citizens

The Spanish Ministry of Home Affairs has launched a campaign by which it aims to inform citizens from the EU and of other countries with which Spain has signed a reciprocal agreement of their right...
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Construction in 2015
22 December 2014
After years of falling investment in the Spanish construction market, Spain has finally registered a growth in investment figures for the first time since the start of the crisis. In fact, the...
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02 December 2014
UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced a new plan that will enforce extra restrictions on immigrants, predominantly from the EU, trying to settle in the UK. He has also threatened to leave...
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28 October 2014
After months of preparation, and speculation, the wait is finally over as the results of the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) stress tests carried out on 123 European Union banks have now come in,...
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Construction in Spain highest in Europe
20 October 2014
We’ve heard the reports, and many of us have seen the evidence with our own eyes. The construction sector has revved up the engine and is in gear once more. Cranes are silhouetted against the...
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JP Morgan Asset Management for Spain
20 October 2014
Manuel Arrollo, JP Morgan Asset Management for Spain and Portugal’s strategy manager has expressed an opinion that Spain “has gone from being at the bottom of the class to now sit at the top” after...
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15 September 2014

EU Bans Powerful Vacuum Cleaners

Sales of powerful vacuum cleaners soared last month ahead of the EU ban that came into force at the beginning of September, with many retailers selling out of models rated over 1.600 watts, the now...
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Construction is increasing in Spain
25 August 2014

Construction in Spain Increases 7% in Second Quarter

Well, recent reports have noted that construction in Spain is picking up once more after several years of stagnation. In the province of Alicante, where On The Pulse is based, half-finished...
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Exports Spain 2014
25 July 2014

Exports Rise in Spain, Yet So Do Imports

It’s more good news for Spain’s economy as government coffers were boosted by a 0.8% year-on-year growth in Spanish exports during the first 5 months of this year. Exports from this country totalled...
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EU Tumbles in Construction
21 July 2014

EU Tumbles in Construction Activity While it Increases in Spain

If you’ve noticed building starting up again in your area, you’d not be mistaken in thinking that the construction sector in Spain is picking up and an increased activity is taking place from before...
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Mobile data Roaming Costs Spain
25 June 2014

Mobile Phone Data Roaming Costs Slashed from Next Month

The cost of using your mobile phone to connect to the Internet whilst you are abroad in another country within the European Union will be 55% cheaper than last year from 1 July. The cost for roaming...
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