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House prices have hit rock bottom
07 May 2014

European Commission Says Property Prices in Spain Have Hit Rock Bottom

According to the latest report and forecast for the economy in Europe, the European Commission has said that property prices in Spain have fallen as low as they will go. It even went as far as to say...
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Europeans can choose where to have their medical treatment carried out
17 February 2014

Spain Finally Implements EU Cross-Border Healthcare Scheme

Always one to drag its feet when it comes to implementing EU directives that are not of particular interest to the government, the Spanish Cabinet finally approved a decree last week that will give...
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Mariano Rajoy says he has plans in place to help Spain recover economically
22 January 2014
President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, is all set for his visit to Brussels in April. With him, he will take a list of pledges that he has promised to carry out in a bid to bolster the country’s...
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Spain to face EU court ruling on discriminatory fiscal behaviour against non-residents
02 May 2013

European Commission Takes Spain to Court of Justice over Breach of Free Movement in Property Transaction

Residents that sell their main home in Spain to buy a main home in another country will face paying tax on the profit If they purchase another main residence in Spain, however, they won’t pay The EU...
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No more tax hikes or price increases says Spain economy minister
06 March 2013
EU report says there is room to raise Spain’s reduced VAT rate They want Spain to raise tax on fuel too Spain’s economy minister says the changes made already are enough for now A report from...
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EU Court of Justice rules against Spain
25 February 2013

EJC Rules Against Spain for Discriminating Against Migrant Worker When Calculating Pension

EU rules that social security contributions made whilst working in other EU countries must be taken into account when calculating pension ECJ makes decision based on principle of free movement in EU...
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The Spanish property market has suffered the most out of EU countries
04 February 2013

Spain’s Property Market Suffers More Than Any Other Country in the EU

House prices plummet 15.2% in Spain from 2011 Prices fell on average 2.5% in the euro zone in 1 year Estonia and Luxemburg saw the biggest increases According to figures recently released from...
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Unemployment reaches a record high in the EU and Eurozone
09 January 2013

Unemployment Rises to 11.8% in the Eurozone with Spain at the Top

Spain has an unemployment rate of 26.6% Unemployment increased 0.1% from October to November 2012 In 2000, unemployment was 8.7% in the EU and 8.5% in the euro zone According to figures released for...
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