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Temperatures soar in Spain
07 June 2016

This Week It Starts to Turn Hot

Well, in most parts of the country it has seemed as if summer was never going to arrive this year. We’ve had gloriously hot days perfect for the beach followed by a week of cloud and rain. Most of...
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Weather in Spain today
25 February 2016

Daily Temperatures Set to Drop Over Next Few Days

Well, the weather has been extremely changeable this last month, especially in the Alicante area where we are based. One minute everyone’s on the beach soaking up the glorious sun, and the next we’re...
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20 November 2015

Arctic Mass of Air to Hit Spain on Sunday

Many of you, particularly those in the Valencia Region, may have spent much of this week sunbathing on your terrace, on the beach or even going for a quick dip in the sea (only the very brave), but...
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08 October 2015

Will It Rain Where You Are This Bank Holiday Weekend?

It’s not often that those of us who are working are lucky enough to get a three-day weekend and still get paid for a day’s work, but that’s exactly the situation from this weekend as Spain is all set...
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Weather this week
25 August 2015
I thought it was just me and I was going through the pre-menopausal change (which is still a possibility), but today’s report from the State Weather Agency (AEMET) has confirmed that temperatures are...
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Heatwave across Europe
24 August 2015

July Was the Hottest Month on the Planet in the Last 135 Years

The month of July this year registered as the hottest month on the whole planet since records began in 1880. This is according to the US agency NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)...
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Weather forecast end of July 2015
28 July 2015
The weather in Spain, and in particular the sweltering heat, has been the main topic of conversation all over the place more or less since the beginning of June. The third heatwave of the summer gave...
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23 July 2015

The End Is Here (Of the Horrific Heatwave)

Last night was the first night in weeks that I didn’t sleep with the fan on all night. I almost jumped from my bed in glee as I felt a gentle breeze drift through the window during the early hours of...
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08 July 2015
So, who’s had enough of the heatwave? Me and probably the majority of people living in Spain, yet especially those in Girona, Granada, Lleida and Zaragoza, as thermometers in these provinces...
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Heatwave continues in Spain
30 June 2015

How Many More Days of This Heat?

Even though it’s only been four days since this wave of hot air from Africa hit most parts of Spain, I’m pretty certain that most of us have had enough of it already (except for those living in...
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Heatwave in Spain
28 June 2015
Well, this weekend the whole of Spain and the Balearic Islands have been sweltering under the extreme heat of a heatwave originating in Africa that is set to last until Tuesday at least, according to...
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19 June 2015

Summer Officially Starts on Sunday

Yes, it’s almost here. Summer has nearly arrived. Just a few days to go and the summer season will have officially kicked in and we’ll start to complain even more than now about how hot it is. So,...
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