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Posted by Julie Day on August 25, 2015
Weather this week

I thought it was just me and I was going through the pre-menopausal change (which is still a possibility), but today’s report from the State Weather Agency (AEMET) has confirmed that temperatures are rising yet again.

According to an article published in Europa Press, thermometer scales will register 8⁰C higher today practically across the whole of the country in comparison to the last couple of days, and temperatures will continue to increase steadily until Friday.

Cities in the south of Spain, such as Córdoba and Seville, could hit as high as 39⁰C yet again, reminiscent of the weather experienced in July’s heatwaves.

The report states that while most of Spain will feel the heat, temperatures will actually remain the same or fall slightly in the Levante region and the in Balearic Islands. Residents there will be happy as these regions have suffered tremendously over the last two months from the excessive heat and humidity.

The good news, though, is that this next band of hot weather won’t last and it will begin to get cooler from Sunday.

Nevertheless, some areas towards the north of Galicia today could be faced with mild showers, while the north coast of the Valencia Region, in the north of Castellón and south of Tarragona could be hit by thunderstorms.

Galicia should expect rain throughout the week, which could be coupled with strong winds.

By the weekend, the weather will become fairly unstable and much of the peninsular will experience heavy downpours and storms. This is most likely to occur inland in the southeast of Spain and least likely in the Balearic Islands, Cataluña and the west of Andalucía.

From Sunday, temperatures will drop slightly, while in the north they will be reduced by around 7⁰C.




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