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Kate Middleton wears Zara jacket
24 May 2016

Zara Jacket Worn by Kate Middleton Sells Out within 48 Hours

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is an inspiration to many women all across the globe when it comes to fashion. And perhaps more so than other high-profile distinguished personalities due to...
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Zara ranked in Forbes most valuable brands list
17 May 2016

Zara, worth more than Porsche, Lexus and Banco Santander

Forbes, the magazine specialized in the world of business and finance, has just published its much-awaited annual list of the 100 most valuable brands in the world. And, despite not finding many...
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XXL size available in Zara
16 May 2016

Zara Goes XXL Large

The world of fashion is being revolutionized, and not before time. Real women have taken a stand and put pressure on the industry to become more realistic and cater for the larger-sized woman. It is...
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22 April 2016

Primark Becomes Spain’s Most Important Fashion Store Overtaking Zara and H&M

As we all know, Primark, the low-cost fashion store from Ireland, arrived in Spain a good few years ago; in 2005 to be precise. In this short space of time it began to gain incredible popularity, so...
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Anna Riera takes on Inditex
08 March 2016
He may have just been named the world’s second richest man, with a fortune only smaller than computer magnate Bill Gates, but for one young adult from Cataluña, that doesn’t really mean anything....
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Zara Sport new range from Inditex
02 March 2016

Inditex Succumbs to Fitness Fever and Launches Zara Sport

It has been one of the last major fashion brands to jump on the bandwagon, but finally Inditex has succumbed to the latest fashion trend and is about to launch its own range of fitness wear. The new...
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09 December 2015

Zara Trials ‘Intelligent’ Changing Rooms in Flagship Store

Always at the forefront of fusing fashion and technology, retail fashion store Zara has just installed some ‘intelligent’ changing rooms in one of its flagship stores. The idea is to make the...
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Inditex announces huge profits in 2012
12 December 2012

Inditex, Mother Company of Zara, Rakes in Profits and Continues Its Global Expansion

Success is due to expansion in China and US in particular Inditex makes a profit of 1.7 billion euro in first 9 months The Spanish group has created 6,598 jobs The economic crisis in Spain does not...
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Santander and Zara feature in top 100 global brands list for 2012
14 November 2012

Zara and Santander Amongst Top 100 Brands in the World

Zara ranked 37th in top global brands, up 7 positions from 2011 Santander falls 8 spots to 76 yet is only surpassed by 4 other global financial entities Zara was voted “International Retailer of the...
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