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Posted by Julie Day on March 08, 2016
Anna Riera takes on Inditex

He may have just been named the world’s second richest man, with a fortune only smaller than computer magnate Bill Gates, but for one young adult from Cataluña, that doesn’t really mean anything.

This is a bit like the David and Goliath story, where the powerful and fierce giant is defeated by a young boy with a catapult and no fear.

Anna Riera is an 18-year-old girl who believes, like millions of females out there, that just because a woman may have a slightly fuller figure than your average stick-thin model, it doesn’t mean that they should be ignored when it comes to buying clothes.

Plus-size models are making it onto the catwalk and magazine covers these days, and now it is about time that fashion stores comply as well when it comes to the size of clothing that they stock in their shops. We know that beauty comes in all sizes, so why shouldn’t a bigger woman have the right to buy a beautiful dress in any shop that she chooses?

So this is why the young Catalan psychology student, who actually looks like a size 8 from her photo, has started a petition on Charge.org that is directed at Inditex boss Amancio Ortega.

Under the title of: “Zara, who fits in there?”, Riera is petitioning for the mother company of popular high-street labels including Zara, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and Stradivarius to begin to fabricate a line of clothing for larger-sized women.

In her quest, Riera defends the rights of those people who in today’s market are restricted to where they buy their clothes. Many larger women are completely ostracised from any of the stores owned by Ortega, where the biggest size catered for is just 44.

With this petition, which more than 65,000 people signed in less than a week, Riera wants Spain’s richest man to commit to manufacturing clothes up to the size of 54, and she takes other labels such as H&M or Mango as an example, the latter of which has just launched its ‘Violeta’ collection, which includes larger sizes.

“Fashion houses should start to design for people and not for stereotypes,” said the student. “We should stop labelling ourselves and discriminating against ourselves because we wear clothes according to our personalities rather than our physical shape.”

The campaigner goes on to say that Inditex could help to erase the negative image people have about larger-sized women, and people in general, by bringing out a line of clothing that caters for the plus-sized, but as well as this, it would also be a fantastic business opportunity for the company too.

As of today, 72,723 people have now signed the petition and the objective is to obtain 75,000 signatures.

If you are interested in supporting this campaign, you can do so by visiting the Change.org page at: https://www.change.org/p/zara-por-qu%C3%A9-las-mujeres-con-m%C3%A1s-de-una-talla-44-no-pueden-vestirse-en-tus-tiendas

Source: www.laverdad.es, www.change.org



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