Posted by Jeni Evans on March 16, 2016
Gas bottles reduce in price 5%

The price of fuel and energy has been reduced gradually over the last year. It didn’t feel like that long ago that the price of a gas bottle was at its highest of approximately 17 euro.

However, with prices on the Consumer Price Index falling now for two months in a row, particularly in food items and fuel and energy, it’s only natural that you should now be paying out slightly less for your energy requirements.

A recent press release from the Department of Industry, Energy and Tourism has informed citizens that the maximum price consumers should currently pay for a standard gas bottle is 12,46 euro, with tax included. This came into force yesterday, Tuesday 15 March.

And this means that the cost since the last revision, when the price was fixed at 13,1 euro, has dropped by 5%. Prices are revised every two months and are calculated according to international values.

The fact that raw material on the international market and freight costs have fallen by 23% and 24.7% in price has produced the reduction in the cost of our gas bottles here.

In actual fact, the cost of a gas bottle has slowly been reduced since March 2015, and now registers at more than 5 euro cheaper than a year ago.

And according to sources in the sector, 5% is the maximum amount of discount that can be applied by law, which means that from this point a surplus will be generated and the excess can be applied to revisions in the future. This will ensure that prices are kept to a minimum for the immediate future at least.

With this latest drop in price, the downward trend continues once more after a short blip in January, where the first increase in the price since May 2013 was recorded.

The next revision of prices will take place on 17 May, as under the new system of calculating gas prices, data is taken on every third Tuesday of each odd month. This will affect around 8 million consumers who use gas bottles in their homes.

Source: Bolsamanía


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