After Brexit Vote Revealed Holidays to Spain Immediately Increase 10%
Tourism in Certain Spanish Villages Rockets Thanks to Game of Thrones
Property Purchases Rise 24% in May
Habaneras on the Beach
Challenging the Xenophobia of Brexit
More corruption investigations across Spain
Spanish Rugby 7 Team Make Olympics Against All Odds
Bowie Tribute Concerts in Madrid and Barcelona This Weekend
Which Stores Have Already Begun Their Summer Sales Before the Official Date?
Institutional statement on Brexit by the acting President of the Government
Population Reduces the Most along the Valencia Coast
The Increase in Number of Millionaires in Spain Is Biggest in Europe


Rise in number of millionaires in Spain
27 June 2016

The Increase in Number of Millionaires in Spain Is Biggest in Europe

The number of millionaires living in Spain in 2015 rose by 15,000 people. This was an increase of 8.4% compared to the year before, and it was the biggest increase in the number of rich people in any...
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02 March 2016
The 23rd June might be a little distant from now but it’s likely that we’ll hear nothing else but the referendum until then. We knew it was coming as David Cameron had made it one of his election...
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Interrail Tours for pensioners
10 February 2016
Backpacking around Europe and travelling from country to country by train is usually considered something you would do in your twenties. And for this reason, rail companies have always offered...
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Spain is great for shopping
07 January 2016
According to a recent survey by global shopping consultants Global Blue, Barcelona and Madrid have been placed in joint second place in the ranking of the best shopping destinations in Europe. They...
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Roaming Charges Soon to Become a Thing of the Past
29 October 2015
Travelling across Europe and having to pay roaming costs to use your mobile phone is set to become a thing of the past as the European Parliament will vote this week to eliminate it completely, with...
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Spanish Consumers Taxed More for Electricity than Businesses
27 October 2015

Spanish Consumers Taxed More for Electricity than Businesses

Spanish consumers were paying 52% more for their electricity consumption at home during the last quarter of 2014 than they were during the same period five years previously, in 2008. This has been...
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06 October 2015

Which Countries Offer the Most Jobs to Spaniards Looking for Work Abroad?

Over the last couple of years many Spaniards have gone abroad in search of employment as they couldn’t find suitable work in this country. The countries in which they were most successful in gaining...
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Megabus in Spain
09 August 2015

Travel to Europe by Coach for One Euro

Low-cost travelling is possible in Spain but has until recently mainly been confined to that of cheap flights and air travel. But now, thanks to the British company Megabus, it is possible to reach a...
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Four Spanish province head European growth list
25 June 2015

Four Spanish Provinces in Top 10 for Fastest Growth in Europe

A study carried out by Oxford Economics, a world leader in global forecasting for business and government quantitative analysis, to find out which provinces and regions within Europe have the best...
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Excessively hot summer forecast this year
03 June 2015

Weather in Spain Forecast to Be Hotter Than Usual This Summer

According to a weather forecast by meteorological website, temperatures this summer in Spain are set to sizzle and will be much higher than the average over the last 30 years. This will...
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March 20 solar eclipse
04 March 2015

March Solar Eclipse Could Cause Electricity Power Havoc across Europe

Most of us are aware from reading the papers and watching the News that on 20 March, for two hours in the morning, a solar eclipse will pass over the whole of Europe, from Turkey to Greenland. While...
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26 November 2014

The Spanish Economy in 2019

How are you faring since the start of the economic crisis? Have things improved or are you struggling under the pressure of taxes, interest rates and low wages? Are you hanging on until it gets...
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