Posted by Jeni Evans on January 07, 2016
Spain is great for shopping

According to a recent survey by global shopping consultants Global Blue, Barcelona and Madrid have been placed in joint second place in the ranking of the best shopping destinations in Europe.

They have both been awarded 67.1 points out of 100, and sit just behind London, which has been ranked in first position with 67.3 points.

In fourth position is Paris, with 65.5 points, and is followed by Rome (62.9), Berlin (62.3), Lisbon (61.6), Amsterdam (61.3), Prague (59.7) and Budapest (59.6).

London is voted as having the widest range of shops, followed by Paris, Madrid, Dublin, Amsterdam and Barcelona, while the destinations where you can obtain the most for your money include Sofia (Bulgaria), Bratislava (Slovakia), Bucharest (Romania), Kiev, Budapest, Lisbon and Athens.

And as for how comfortable and stress-free the shopping experience actually is in each destination, Istanbul came out on top, and was followed by Prague, Kiev, St Petersburg, Bucharest and Barcelona.

What Madrid and Barcelona scored particularly highly on was the quality of the local hotels and the public transport system, making it easy to travel around and visit different parts of the city more easily. Other cities that rated well in this category area Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Stockholm and Athens.

With regards for culture and climate, Barcelona ended up in fourth place behind Paris, Rome and Berlin, while Madrid came in at number six.




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