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Property Purchases Rise 24% in May
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Challenging the Xenophobia of Brexit
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Spanish Rugby 7 Team Make Olympics Against All Odds
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New radars detect mobile phone and seat belt use
09 May 2016

New Radars That Detect Seat Belt and Mobile Phone Use Have Arrived in Spain

There aren’t many things that you can do these days outside in the street without being seen on camera! And with technology advancing as rapidly as it is, new methods of controlling what’s happening...
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Operation waiting list in public health system
09 May 2016

Operation Waiting Lists Reach Three Months Now in Spain

Recent data obtained from the Government about National Health hospital waiting lists for operations in Spain has shown that despite best efforts to reduce the time that patients have to wait to...
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Tourist expenditure rises in March
07 May 2016

Tourists Spent 10% More in March Than They Did Last Year

As a business owner, have you noticed that international visitors that have come to Spain in the last few months have forked out more money than last year while on holiday? Well, that’s what the...
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Maccorp Exact Change foreign currency exchange offices Alicante airport
05 May 2016

Three New Money Exchange Offices Now Open in Alicante Airport

If you’re coming over from the UK on holiday and haven’t had time to change up your pounds before you arrive in Spain, it is often very difficult to find somewhere open at all times of day that will...
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Barcelona FC to play Leicester City in August
04 May 2016

Barcelona Will Meet Leicester in August

So, I’m not into football at all, but I have spotted all across the Internet that Leicester City FC have just won the Premier League – against all odds, by all accounts, and for the first time in the...
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Petrol prices in Spain
04 May 2016

Spain, Third Country in the EU with the Highest Petrol Prices

This headline spotted in today’s Spanish press is slightly surprising considering that petrol prices in this country have remained relatively low for quite some time now. But, according to the latest...
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Euribor closes April 2016 in negative figures
02 May 2016

Another Month Closes with the Euribor in Negative Figures

Another month has just ended and with it the Euribor, the rate at which the majority of mortgages taken out in Spain is measured, has registered in negative figures yet again. This is now the third...
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Los nuevos trabajos crecen más en Ceuta
29 April 2016

Unemployment Goes Up Over Last 3 Months but Is Less Than Last Year

According to the Active Population Survey (EPA) published using figures collected by the National Statistics Institute (INE), the rhythm at which new jobs have been created in Spain began to slow...
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General elections June 2016
29 April 2016

Elections Expected in June Unless Miracle Happens in Next Few Days

Most of us are well aware that Spain has been in limbo with regards to its political situation since last December, when not one of the country’s political parties managed a majority vote in the...
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Roaming charges reduced from 30 April 2016
28 April 2016

Roaming Tariffs Reduced from 30 April Within the EU

Last year it was announced by the EU that roaming costs will be banned in the future when travelling around EU member states. For those that travel frequently or even just go on holiday once a year,...
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Clean up after your dog to avoid harsh sanctions
28 April 2016

Town Halls Get Technical to Discover Which Owners Have Not Picked up Their Dog’s Poo

It is more difficult these days to get away with allowing your dog to poo in the street and not pick up after it. It’s just not accepted any more. Whereas before nobody picked up after their pets,...
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Study reveals bread is not linked to obesity
27 April 2016

Study Reveals People Who Eat the Most Bread Are Least Overweight

Many people have shied away from eating bread because of the belief that it causes you to put on weight. And with the delicious types of bread that we have here in Spain, that is a real shame. The...
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