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Beyoncé to perform in Barcelona
08 April 2016

Beyoncé to Perform in Barcelona This August

This year is going to be a fantastic year for music in Spain. Many of the biggest festivals are already announcing some of the best line-ups seen in ages, and a number of the world’s greatest musical...
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Cherry trees in full bloom
07 April 2016

Spring Is Here and the Cherry Blossom Flourishes

Have you ever visited a cherry-tree orchard in Spain during the spring when the blossom is in full bloom? I have, and it really is a beautiful sight. The smell is divine too. If you haven’t had the...
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House price ratio to wages in Spain
06 April 2016

Average Person Needs 8 Years of Salary to Afford to Buy a Property

In this country, the average person would need 7.6 years of his salary to be able to purchase an average property, which is slightly higher than the 7.4 years registered during the last quarter of...
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Long working hours in Spain
05 April 2016

Are We Really Moving Closer to Finishing Work at 6pm by Law?

The working hours in Spain are really tough. The days are long, it’s difficult to find a work-home life balance, our health is negatively affected and studies show that productivity in this country...
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How to drive round a roundabout
05 April 2016

Two Thirds of Drivers Do Not Know How to Drive Round a Roundabout

Roundabouts in Spain, and driving around them correctly, is a popular topic of discussion, often ending in a heated debate with plenty of angry comments thrown in for good measure. To us Brits, we...
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Mortgages granted rises in January 2016
31 March 2016
This year has got off to an excellent start with regards to property sales, new construction and the granting of new mortgages. The number of new mortgages granted in January this year reached 23,275...
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Speaking another language in business
31 March 2016
Particularly in the area where I live (Torrevieja, Alicante), where half of the population is foreign, there has always been a massive debate over whether Spanish people working with the public...
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Falling electricity prices
29 March 2016

Electricity Prices Drop to their Lowest Since 2014

Not much has been reported in the Spanish media for quite a while about electricity prices. At one point, the rising cost of electricity dominated the news for quite some time. However, electricity...
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Public telephones to become extinct this year
28 March 2016
When was the last time you actually used a payphone in Spain? You know, those blue machines housed in a glass cabinet on the street somewhere (I can’t remember the last time I saw one of them) or an...
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Tourist tax in the Balearic Islands
25 March 2016
Following in the footsteps of the autonomous region of Cataluña, the Balearic Islands will now be the second region to implement the infamous ‘tourist tax’. This levy is a sum of money charged to all...
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Best wines in the world 2016
24 March 2016
As most of you will know, there are good wines and then there are ‘GOOD’ wines. Of course there are also wines that aren’t that great at all which you could just about get away with adding to a beef...
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Subway plans to expand in Spain
17 March 2016
Up until only recently, I had never eaten in a Subway restaurant. Despite the fact that Subway has been around for years, and so have I! In fact, the fast-food sandwich franchise is one of the...
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