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Earthquake shakes Malaga March 2016
10 March 2016
The Alboran Sea has been in the headlines a lot over the last month or so due to the sudden series of earthquake activity that has been taking place in that area. And now even today, just after...
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Female traffic lights in Valencia
09 March 2016
We are accustomed to seeing the female silhouette on the door of the toilet designated for ladies. This is only natural as it is necessary for people to distinguish between the two. But are there any...
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Early morning clubbing on Monday in Madrid
26 February 2016

Healthy Clubbing Before Work on Monday Arrives in Madrid

As much as I love clubbing and going out on a Saturday night, it still has its disadvantages (not that they outweigh the advantages). Clubs are open much later in Spain than in other parts of the...
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Weather in Spain today
25 February 2016

Daily Temperatures Set to Drop Over Next Few Days

Well, the weather has been extremely changeable this last month, especially in the Alicante area where we are based. One minute everyone’s on the beach soaking up the glorious sun, and the next we’re...
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Cheap rural hostels in Spain
23 February 2016

Luxury Rural Hostels … Yes, They Do Exist

The option of staying in a hostel when travelling probably doesn’t appeal to the majority. But unless you have actually spent a night or even a few days in one recently, you won’t know that they aren...
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Most expensive and cheapest places to live in Spain
22 February 2016
We all know that the cost of living is much higher in some parts of Spain than others. Principally, the larger cities come under this category. However, when you actually live in one of these areas,...
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House prices to rise the most in the EU
19 February 2016
In a recent report published by the European Commission, Spain and Ireland, two of the countries to be worst-hit by the property crisis, will see house prices rise quite substantially over the next...
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16 February 2016

SEAT Unveils First Ever SUV: the SEAT Ateca

Leading Spanish automobile manufacturer, SEAT, has just unveiled its first ever SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), the SEAT Ateca, in an exhibition in Barcelona last week. The long-awaited family SUV model...
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House prices 2015
16 February 2016
According to a recent report by the Property Statistics Registry, house prices in Spain went up 6.6% annually last year and the number of property operations increased 11.2%, reaching a healthy 354,...
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Inflation January 2016
15 February 2016
A report published by the National Statistics Institute (INE) has revealed that in January the Consumer Price Index, the official measure of inflation, dropped 1.9% from the previous month due to...
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SOS4.8 Festival 2016 in Murcia
15 February 2016

Fantastic Line Up Already for SOS4.8 Festival in Murcia

The SOS4.8 festival, celebrated annually in the city of Murcia, is one of the most consolidated and popular electronic and independent music festivals in the country. And, this year’s event, which...
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Double the new constructions in 2016
11 February 2016

Number of New Buildings to Be Constructed Doubles in 2016 from the Last Two Years

So, the property situation in Spain is looking brighter as each year goes by and the crisis is left behind. We’re nowhere near the figures that we were used to seeing when the real-estate boom was in...
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