Posted by Julie Day on September 22, 2016
RunPee cinema toilet break app

There are apps that many of us use on a daily basis and have found that not only simplify our lives but help us become more organised, saving time for the things that we enjoy. At the same time, there are others that are more of a novelty, but which we may find handy on the odd occasion.

RunPee is perhaps more of the latter, unless you happen to be an avid cinema-goer and film enthusiast.

Of all the times that we have been to the cinema in our lives to go and see the latest release that we’ve been longing to see since its release date was announced, there have probably been one or two occasions in which we’ve had to leave our seats during the showing and nip to the loo.

Slightly annoying that you’ve had to miss an important part of the film because you just couldn’t hang on any longer, you’ve probably annoyed the person sitting next to you on your return by interrupting their viewing to find out what happened in the bit that you missed.

Well, a situation like this is now a thing of the past thanks to a new mobile phone application called RunPee.

RunPee lets you know the exact best time during a film at the cinema (usually the least interesting parts) to leave your seat for a few minutes and run to the toilet. Not only that, but it also explains what you have missed from the film during that time. With RunPee you will never miss the most vital scenes of the film.

A huge number of films are included in the RunPee app, and the list is updated with new releases on a regular basis.

At the beginning of the film, the app informs you of the three best possible toilet break times, giving you the minutes during the film where they are located.

The viewer is alerted by a vibrating message of the most opportune moment to leave the room, and on his return he is shown which part of the film he has missed on a black screen so that other people nearby are not disturbed, and given notes on the script to help understand what’s gone on.

The app is free of charge (and so it should be) and can be download from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store.

For a demonstration on how RunPee works, please watch the following video on YouTube:

To download the app on Android, visit:




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