Posted by Julie Day on September 28, 2016
Use apps to plan your holiday

We now live in a time where, for many of us, technology is a huge part of our lives. We use computers, mobile phones and apps on a daily basis, not only at work but at home as well. And, rather than being scared of this digital transformation, we should embrace it, as it can enhance our lives in many positive ways.

Technology is used in many different business sectors. In particular it has revolutionised the world of tourism, bringing the rest of the world closer to us, at just a click away.

Gone are the days when we use a paper map to find our way around an unknown destination. They have been replaced by apps on our phone, which even offer the cheapest and quickest route to a certain place.

And, even some transport companies and airlines accept boarding passes from your smartphone.

Statistics have revealed that today 45% of all visitors to the Alicante province use their mobile phone to reserve and book activities while they are travelling and during their stay.

Apps to search for restaurants, flights, accommodation and days out are extremely popular, say TripAdvisor, who believe that going digital is the future of the sector.

The profile of the tourist has somewhat evolved over the years. First, there’s the traditional type, who plans and books his holiday through a travel agency, visiting them in person. In second place, there’s the one that sources his own flights and accommodation via the Internet, booking them himself once he has found the best deal.

But then we come to the third type of tourist – the new type of traveller. This person does things differently to his predecessors. He looks at the opinions and experiences of those who have gone before him before making up his mind and executing his decision on his smartphone.

He will use applications such as Waze () to arrive at a destination; TripAdvisor to plan a trip; Blablacar ( to secure a cheap car journey; AirBnB ( to book a room; and Trip4Real ( to carry out tours and activities just as the locals do.

Anything that you want to do now while away on holiday can be arranged by one app or another. The challenge for those in the technology sector is to come up with new and unique ideas for apps that nobody else has already covered, and which satisfy the preferences and requirements of this new type of tourist.

The tourism sector is in a state of change and evolution and now requires specialised professionals who are up to date with the latest in today’s technology trends.

And for businesses within the sector, anyone that doesn’t move with the times, may find that they get left behind and miss out on numerous opportunities.




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