Posted by Jeni Evans on September 21, 2016
Sambil Outlet to open next year in Leganés

The largest shopping and leisure centre in Spain, which is still in the process of being built, is set to open early next year.

Sambil Outlet is located in Leganés, a satellite city situated just 11km southwest of Spain’s capital, Madrid.

The centre will be inaugurated at the end of March 2017, after an investment of 55 million euro and four years of construction work.

The centre, which will have a surface area of 42,000 square metres, is being housed in the old M-40 commercial centre, which after being closed for several years was acquired by the Venezuelan commercial group Sambil at the end of 2012.

One of the many attractions includes the largest wind tunnel in Europe, with different velocity levels to suit all ages and abilities. (For more info, visit:

Approximately 1,000 people will work in the new shopping centre, and the project will also generate a further 1,500 indirect jobs.

Some of the brands visitors will find within the 177 different stores include Mango, Fifty Factory, Mustang, Shana, Burger King, Lizarrán, Vodafone and Ocean Multicines.

This is the first project that the South American group has undertaken in this country, but bosses say that it won’t be the only one.

“This is just the starting point of our business adventure in Spain. Economically, it wouldn’t make sense to just have one shopping centre in Spain, seeing that our head office is more than 7,000km away,” said Arnold Moreno, head of Sambil España.

The group is already planning where their second commercial centre will be located, and are considering other major cities including Barcelona, Valencia, Seville or Bilbao.

They are opting to focus more on the outlet/discount type of commercial centre, as they believe that since the economic crisis people are more careful when it comes to spending money and love to go home with a bargain.

For more information about the Sambil Outlet commercial centre, visit their website at:



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