Posted by Jeni Evans on September 26, 2016
Amazon launches Handmade

Amazon has just launched a new shop that sells approximately 30,000 products that have been handcrafted by a number of artists from across Europe.

As the popularity of rival site Etsy, which sells handmade jewellery, clothes, toys and many other items, is clear to see, Amazon did not want to miss out on a business opportunity, so as of this week has launched its own site in Europe.

‘Handmade’ is now operating in five European countries to start off with, its most successful; Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

This is the first time that the e-commerce giant has ventured into the world of arts and crafts, and the project has been designed for those customers that are looking for unique articles and gifts that have been made by hand.

Manager of Amazon Marketplace in Spain, Javier Alvira, has said that some of the best artisans around Europe will be selling their items on the Amazon Handmade site.

Products on offer will include jewellery, home décor items, paintings, photos, bags, bedding, furniture, baby items and accessories, and a third of the items for sale come with the option of being personalised.

Customers will be able to purchase goods according to which country they are in or they can choose to buy from around 40 different countries from across the globe. For example, you might wish to acquire a painting from Kenya or a handmade wooden lamp crafted in Italy.

You can read up about each craftsperson as they will have their own page that gives a short bio about themselves, how they work, which materials they use, as well as a catalogue of their products. This will give customers some idea of the time and dedication that has gone into making each item and the value of such work.

For anyone who is interested in selling their own handcrafted items on the Handmade Amazon site, please visit:

And for those that would like to purchase any of the products on offer, go to:



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