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A handy way to access the news

On The Pulse Google Currents and Google Newsstand

Remember the days of the broadsheet? Newspapers designed to annoy your fellow commuters as you laboriously turned and rustled the pages. Well, they are well and truly over. Even the tabloid is on its way out as more and more people choose to access the news via tablets and smart phones.

The trouble is if you do remember the broadsheet you might be a little anxious about exactly how you are going to keep up with new technology. On the Pulse can help.

Firstly we have on offer a that you can win by ‘liking’ us and then ‘sharing’ on Facebook. Of course, you may have one of these already and if you do, you can make sure now that you can keep on the pulse of what’s happening in Spain.

5 easy steps to On The Pulse

You can, of course, simply read On The Pulse by going to its webpage. However, to get the best version for your tablet we recommend that you download our special programme to make access all the more easy. This is how you do it:

  1. Find your App store on your phone or tablet

    Find your App store on your smartphone or tablet

  2. Search for ‘Google Currents’ in your Apple Appstore  (Google Play Newsstand on android Playstore)

    Search for Google Currents or Google Newsstand

  3. Download ‘Google Currents’ onto your smart phone or tablet

    Download Google Currens or Google Newsstand

  4. Search for ‘On The Pulse’ in Google Currents

    Search for On The Pulse in Google Currents or Newsstand

  5. Select ‘On The Pulse’ and enjoy!

    Select On The Pulse in Google Currents or Newsstand

Not everyone will need our step-by-step instructions. For those who do, hopefully you will now have On The Pulse on the move.

And if you’ve not yet got your own tablet, or even if you have but would like one for someone else, then why not enter our competition. Newspaper ink on your fingers need never be a problem again.

leftOn The Pulse is a leading website dedicated to researching and reporting up-to-date information about Spanish property, legislation and the economy